Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ready for our Open House....

Well, almost....I've had the decorating done awhile now, all that is really left to do is the food prep and tidying.

Over at The Scrapbooking Cottage, Stacy shared photos of her Gingerbread themed kitchen last week. This inspired me to take photos of my decor. I decorate quite extensively each year, but often neglect to take any decent photos...

I enjoy collecting both snowmen and Santas, especially older or antique ones. Below are my what I'm calling my "Santa Cabinet" and the my "Snowman Cabinet".

Both are pieces are managed to acquire at our local store "'Twas the Month before Christmas".

This is my favorite store of all time,well except for my LSS, DAT'S! I have a naughty habit of finding a new piece of antique furniture, usually a cabinet, each year when I go into the store at the beginning of the Christmas season - even if I'm not exactly sure where it will end up! This year, it was my sister who acquired a beautiful and unique cabinet and took it home to Southern Ontario.
Leslie is the owner/operator and her husband is a talented carpenter. He recently did some custom-made nightstand/bookshelves for me for our bedroom and I just have to share!

This first shot is the BEFORE - I had Bob make this shelf for above the bed last year for us. I love it, especially the little drawers. It took me awhile to figure out what should go on either side. I had been asking friends and family when the visited what they thought, keeping in mind that we are desperate for book space - we love books! Well, I took all their suggestions into consideration and this it what I had Bob build for us!

I am thrilled with how it turned out! I haven't had a good chance to really organize our library quite yet, but that will be a great project for the New Year!

The right side of the bed and then the left - I am going to store quilts in the bottom half of the nightstand.

Best go work on that "to do" list....

Shanna :)


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