Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Skier

Thanks for visiting!
Here is the quickie card I made for Chester's friend who celebrated his birthday on Sunday. They are both in the Nancy Greene ski program together on Saturdays, so I thought a skiing theme would be appropriate. That got be looking through my cricut cartridges since I was pretty certain I didn't have any stamps that would work. I found this image on "Going Places" and I think it worked great for a CAS card! The boys seem to like it when I keep the birthday cards pretty basic and it works for me as they go together quickly. In fact, I think I may make a couple more of these since I know he has a couple more friends who have winter birthdays and are also into skiing.

Good night,
Shanna :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Less is More sketch - With Gratitude

It's a good day, because for the first time in what seems like forever, I've found time to enter not one, but two challenges!

The challenge over at Less is More this week is a fantastic sketch! I am super excited about this one as I see lots of opportunity for using up some of that fab patterned paper in my scrap bin to make some quick and simple cards. You will be seeing more of this sketch for sure!

I would also like to share this over at Cupcake where the challenge is to recycle something and use it on your card. This one is easy for me since I do this often. I love using ribbons, twine or tags from packaging over again on my cards - reduce, reuse, recycle! In this case, I reused the raffia from a gift. I am the geek that folds up all the reusable bits of tissue paper and gift wrap when everyone else is ripping open their presents! lol - they all laugh at me, but we all benefit in the end now don't we?

I am also the geek who composts and recycles almost everything in sight. I am currently on the lookout for the red worms that you can use for indoor winter composting. My two outdoor composters are very FULL and I don't relish walking out to it when it's -35, though I've done it several times - it's worth the effort since we put out way less garbage when we get really serious about the composting. Not to mention the benefit to our garden - you should have seen the jungle growing out there last summer! Ahh, well, I think I am rambling now...

I hope you are having a great week!
Shanna :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A guest album

Here is the baby shower guest album that Brandi and I put together back in December. We used the invite for the title page. The album is 8x8.

Then created several layouts that will eventually hold photos of each guest with Baby TJ. I simply kept the colour scheme consistent and played around with papers.

I love this snowman one! The spaces above and below the photo spaces are for "tags" - each guest signed their name on one as they arrived and they will eventually be glued in under the corresponding photo.
I only photographed a few of the pages as they are all pretty much the same basic layout, just using different papers and embellishments.
Now that the shower is done and we have the photos, I need to sit down and put this together. I may need to make a few more pages too.

And of course, I had to make the guest album to match the calendar album.

Hope you have had a great weekend!

We have, it has been productive - a PA day, some night skiing for Chester, a few playdates, daytime skiing/snowboarding for Chester and I (and a big wipeout for me - my body is a bit angry today), a birthday party, and several hours spent packing away the holiday decor - yep they were still up!!! Lol - what can I say, the focus has been on other things. So glad to have that job done!

I did make a card today for the birthday party Chester attended. It was a quickie, I will share soon.

Shanna :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thinking of you

This week was a sad one - there were some terrible car accidents that claimed the lives of local children. One of them was seventeen and the other nine. The nine year old attended the same school as my boys and was in the same grade as Chester. This lead to some serious heart-to-hearts in our house and I have been counting my blessings a little more often these past few days. A reminder of just how short life can be and how quickly life can change.....
I've been so busy that I haven't uploaded photos for at least a few weeks. When I did, I found these photos from my little getaway with Danderella at the beginning of the month. I am thrilled with this photo just after sunrise. The view was fantastic, but it was hard to believe that there was no snow! We basically hung out in our fabulous hotel room for the weekend reading, knitting, gabbing & crafting. It was blissfully quiet and relaxing, just what a couple of busy Moms needed! We didn't really shop, except for a visit to the local wool shop - which has almost got me wanting to start clicking those needles myself. I am holding back for now.....

Anyhow, I did manage to make a couple of cards while we were "hiding out". Here is one of them using Bo Bunny's fabulous ETC. line. Stay tuned for more using these papers. I also had some fun using the new fabric tape I got at Christmas.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Now, go hug your loved ones and tell them what they mean to you,


What I used:
Bo Bunny - Etc. available at DAT'S
Fabric Tape
Bazzill Basics Paper rub-ons

Monday, January 23, 2012

With Sympathy and POWDER!!!

Yep, I needed another sympathy card.
Once again, I have turned to my fave quote for these type of cards.

I would like to share this one over at Raise the Bar. I think my card fits the challenge which is "Ring in the New Year" - they are looking for circles on your project. Well, I have polka dots, circular pearl embellishments and many "half" circles around my quote.

I really should make a few more of these to have on hand.

On a fun note, we got to ski in powder yesterday! Whew, that was fun AND really good exercise......I'm feeling it a bit today. Oh and Doodlepants did the best ever faceplant - totally covered in snow - the only thing I could see was his pleading eyes telling me not to laugh at him. If only he could have seen himself!!! Where is that camera when you need it anyhow??? Certainly not in my pocket where I wish it had been! I am so longing to have some pics of us skiing - I've decided I'm gonna do it soon, now that the boys are becoming so independent. I will take the camera up just for a run or two, then take it back to the car. I should mention the big news too = Doodlepants took the chairlift for the first time and learned another new run!!! Yay, now the sky is the limit and the hardest thing will be to keep them off the black diamonds! Not for long though - Chester had me down one (The Main) with him while Doodlepants was in his lesson - yep you heard it a Black Diamond!

Better run, need to get in my craft room and make a birthday card.....or not. Not that I've sat down, I'm starting to get comfy.

Oooops, forgot to say that Doodlepants did not sustain any injuries as a result of his faceplant, except maybe for his pride, since he couldn't understand why his big brother didn't wipeout as well.....it was a very large drift of undisturbed powder!

Shanna :)

What I used:
papers: Kaiser Craft - Up, up and Away
stamp: "Eskimo Folklore" from River City Rubber Works

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sometimes it's the smallest things.....

And here is the calendar layout I did to go inside the album. (previous post) It was compiled along with twelve others as well as the title page and final page that were submitted by a fantastic group of scrapbookers. See previous post for the album and more details.
You may notice that my stitching is incomplete. I knew I was not going to be able to finish it before the sun went down and it was my only chance to photograph the layout - oh well! I wanted to keep the layout simple to focus on the photo of this cutie, but I think the stitching was just what it needed.

The blank calendar is meant to make recording of special moments and "firsts" easy for the new Mom.
I loved working with these Simple Stories papers again! I love how they have all those fabulous little quotes, words and images. So much fun to play with!!! I used a combination of 12x12 papers and the 6x6 paper pad.

Also, those who know me well know that I love Winnie The Pooh, so when I saw this quote included in the papers, I just had to use is somewhere on the layout.

Trying to make it a quick post for tonight. I am freezing cold and my warm bed is calling my name despite the fact that I was really hoping to play in my scrap room tonight! The snowboarding went quite well today - I actually made my first real "turn" without embarassing myself. I did; however, have a really good "wipe out" following the third or fourth attempt at said turn. I called it a day after that! Will likely have a large bruise to show for it by tomorrow night, lol! We will be back at it again Sunday, but this time on skis!!! The good thing is it is warming up. Only -12 currently with snow in the forecast!

Shanna :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Tree

Hello Friday!
Thanks for stopping by. I did survive all the sore muscles last weekend and I am about to do it again..... Cross your fingers for me though - it is currently -24!! and this is the warmest it has been in a couple of days. This morning it was -39 with the windchill, whew! It is supposed to warm up and SNOW (hooray!) but we shall see....

I have been spending very little time at my computer this last while. I hope to get around to visit you very soon!

Today, I would like to share a project that I finished before Christmas.

A group of us organized a baby album for Donna when her precious little boy was born at the end of October. Generally, we make a two page layout (one side is a calendar page to record all the firsts and special events) for each month of the year, starting the month the babe is born and add one extra for the first birthday month as well as a title page and final page. We decided to try to come up with something unique for the album - we brainstormed a few things, but this was the end result.

Let me just say....I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone here and was so nervous to apply paint to a canvas album! However, I think it was worth all the fretting. I am quite pleased with the result, especially since this is the same tree that is on this little guy's nursery wall! You can check it out here if you like.

Now, never mind the tree, isn't he the cutest little guy?

I'll be back soon with the actual layout I did for the album. In the meantime, wish me luck on my board tomorrow! lol

Shanna :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome TJ and sore muscles...

Whew, what a weekend!!! It was fun, fun, fun, but I have sore, sore, sore muscles!!! lol It's okay though since it's all in the name of our motto for the season - "Embrace Winter" - sorta like, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Since we get the cold and snow no matter what we do and how much we complain, we may as well get out there and figure out a way to enjoy it!!!

We spent most of the day Saturday and all of today out at the ski hill. Doodle Pants learned to ride the T bar and went down his first "real run" besides the bunny hill and I got to test out my new snowboard while we both gave up keeping up with Chester! Yep, you heard it, I decided to get one and just do it! As of last weekend, Doodlepants had been reluctant to even think about going up the chair lift and was sticking to the bunny hill. Okay, I thought I won't rush him. Meantime though, the bunny run was getting a bit old for me, so I decided to get me a board and play around with it since I had to be hanging out at the bunny hill anyhow. So, I tried it out Saturday and a few runs again today - I did pretty good all things considered and didn't make a complete fool of myself, but my bottom is just a bit bruised. Since the last thing you want to do on a board is face-plant, you tend toward leaning back a bit and that means that every so often you land hard on your behind!!! Ouch! Just figures that today, Doodlepants declared he was ready for the t bar - he says he is doing the chairlift next weekend - I had figured on a few weeks of boarding on the bunny hill, lol. Okay, so I can do it on skis, but if I ever want to snowboard again I had better get it quick!

On to the crafty stuff! Here is the card I made for the arrival of Donna's little guy - this one was signed by everyone who went in on the group gift we organized. I really enjoyed working with these fun papers!

And here is the inside.

Using the same papers, here is the tag I made to go on the flowers that a couple of us sent when he arrived. I apologize for the "not so good" photos as I was in a hurry and had to take these at work where the lighting was less than adequate.
And here is the back where we signed our names. Stay tuned for more baby-themed items.

I am heading out of town in the AM, but hope to visit you soon!

I hope you are managing to EMBRACE WINTER, whatever that may mean to you!
As for me, I think I'll take a couple of advil and head to bed! Fresh air makes you soooo tired! lol
Shanna :)

What I used:
papers: Simple Stories - Baby Steps

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I am still here. I did initially take an intended hiatus over Christmas, but it was unintentionally extended because our internet has been down since Sunday, yikes!!!

This post is full of photos, so I will try to keep the text brief.....no promises though.

We spent the first week of our holidays with my family in Southern Ontario. If you want to see a lavishly decorated home at Christmas time, you have to visit my Mom's house! This is the tree in the corner of her kitchen, yep I said kitchen.

Meet "Sport", by brother and Shannon's miniature donkey! Those of you who recall the donkey story here - will know that my boys were thrilled to be able to use the three letter work starting with "A" that rhymes with grass! If you haven't read the story about the "A" word and are in need of a good laugh, click on over.

This came back to haunt me again when we took the boys to church on Christmas eve for a special live Nativity service. It was absolutely beautiful - huge, beautiful pipe organ, a set up drums, brass, beautiful & detailed costumes and of course, live animals. Goats, sheep and yep an a$$. On the way in (we were nice and early because we wanted a good seat), we saw the people trying to encourage the donkey to go inside the building... no boys, let's use the term donkey for tonight okay?.....donkeys are, of course, notoriously stubborn - well when we noticed that there was no donkey for the ceremony, we wondered what had become of her. On our way out, we met up with her in a hallway. Her name was "Isabelle" and she had decided that elevators weren't too cool, lol!

Homemade rhubarb jam all dolled up for gifting.

I love being in the country. There is a farm near Mom & Dad's that has race horses - it is common to see them jogging along the country roads.

I took some time to play with my camera while mounted on the tripod and was able to capture the fantastic glow from the tree in Mom & Dad's rec room. Yep, tree number two, I won't show them all, but there were at least EIGHT!!!

I love the ski toques Mom & Dad got the boys - looks like he is wearing goggles...

The Santa originally made and painted by one of my Dad's Uncles. It has been around for a long time.

Meet Roxy and Millie - my brother and Shannon's team. They provided us with two fantastic wagon rides (sadly there wasn't enough snow for the sleigh.) It is so fun to drive through the village - all the people in the houses wave at you as if you are in a parade, lol! We felt the need to shout "Merry Christmas!" There are always a few people who bring out their cameras as well!

Don't they look like they are having a conversation?
The view from the driver's seat. My brother encouraged me to try driving the team. I was once a horseback rider, so probably should have known better. It is harder than it looks! This team requires a great deal of tension - they would prefer to trot if allowed, especially on the way home!
Chester on the ride. Too bad, we have discovered that he is allergic to horses or hay, or both. He had some pretty nasty hives, watery/itchy eyes and got right stuffed up. We will stock up on Benadryl before our next visit. It was pretty mild out, but we brought along some hot cocoa anyhow!

During our visit, we got one of those snowfalls that sticks to everything and I just had to get outdoors and play with my camera & tripod.....these are the results - most taken at about 1 am, lol!

Trying to capture the beautiful snow laden birch in the front yard from inside - so glad I stayed up way too late to take these as most of it had slid off well before the sun came up.

Keep in mind, I was playing around, there may be some blurr....but I achieved some fun shots I think!

Home Sweet Home

Just had to shoot these lights for some reason, I'm already thinking of a quick and simple Christmas card I can do with this shot...

Okay, tried to keep it brief but it has been 2 and a half weeks after all! After spending a week in Southern Ontario, we flew home in time to celebrate New years at get out skiing! Unfortunately, I had a nasty cold, but I was determined not to let it ruin my holiday. It was great to have the week off with my boys - an entire week to ski and just hang out. I enjoyed myself so much that the Christmas decorations are still up, gasp!!! Oh well, the worst that can happen is they get dusty...

We have managed to get back into the swing of things - back to work and school - without too much difficulty. Three days down of the first week back and two to go. Weekend, here we come! Can't wait to hit the slopes again on Saturday & Sunday -we are crossing our fingers for more snow though, the conditions have not been great as the snow has been pretty scarce here!

How was your holiday? What are you doing to enjoy the great outdoors this winter?

I promise to be back with some crafty stuff sooner than later. I do have stuff made and even photographed, it is a matter of writing up some posts. I even snuck a little crafting in on the weekend as I was beginning to experience withdrawl after two weeks of no crafting whatsoever!!!

Shanna :)