Monday, February 28, 2011

Runny Babbit - A Billy Sook by Shel Silverstein

I just have to share another of our current favorites - if you haven't read Shel Silverstein to your children - run to the library or bookstore and find one of his fabulous will not be sorry. The boys rec'd this one for Christmas and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Apparently he had been working at it for some twenty years and it was published after his death.

Here is a snippet from one of the boy's favorite poems in this book:

Runny's Rittle Leminders

Runny doesn't always do
The thoper pring at all.
Just see the motes his namma
Has pasted on his wall:

Fash your wace

Que Biet

Bake your med

Spon't dit

Fleep your swoor

Peed your fet

Ne Bice

Sange your chocks

Don't few your chingernails

No, you don't need more coffee! lol - it's supposed to be all jumbled - the boys just eat this up! I think it's so fun - really keeps them on their toes! Typing it out doesn't do it justice though since Silverstein also includes super fun drawings in his books. If your children don't have any of his books, I would highly recommend them.

I have several cards to share and even a layout, so I should have regular posts this week. Have a great day!

Shanna :)

Some of Shel's other books:
The Giving Tree
Where the Sidewalk Ends
A Light in the Attic
Falling Up

I actually remember these being read to me in elementary school, lol!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thank you Berry much!

Well, I finally managed to complete a card for a Kraftin' Kimmie challenge! I actually started this card last week using their sketch, but didn't have time to complete it, so it sort of morphed into something else....this week's challenge is "scoopy scallops" and I was able to use my big scallop punch due to the size of this card.

I have used Rebecca Raspberry and finally cracked open my Cosmo Cricket 6x6 mini deck of Togetherness. I thought these color worked well with my image. I also tried something a little different with my ribbon. I use ribbon on most of my cards, but often do the same sorts of things with it, so I tried to change it up a bit, sewing it to my card in "pleats."

I hope you have had a great weekend so far - I've been cleaning for most of today, but hope to relax a little tonight!

Shanna :)

Friday, February 25, 2011


Happy Friday!!!

I just had to share a photo of one of our favorite snacks - we usually refer to them as "teeth" or "dentures" lol, but last time I went to make them, Pickle Pants pipes up and says, "Mom, I have an idea, let's make vampire teeth and use strawberry jam!" Great idea! Usually we make them with apples (macs), peanut butter and mini marshmallows. We did both on this particular day. I have to say that the peanut butter version is still my faavorite and they stick together better, but making them with jam will allow us to serve them at our next Halloween party with my witch's fingers (here) - I usually stay away from anything with nuts just in case. Pea butter (made with chick peas) or Sunflower butter may also work, though I haven't yet tried it. My boys love pea butter and jam sandwiches for school - a great alternative for those days when you are in a hurry!
A few weeks back when I made my Edward book mark to send to a friend for her ahem, 29th Birthday, I decided to also make an Emmett bookmark. I basically kept the design exactly the same and just changed up the character.
Just a quick post for today folks, hope you are having a great Friday. I should be back on Sunday with a card or something....
Shanna :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to you!

Here is my take on the sketch over at Friday Sketchers a few weeks ago. I think this is one of the last ones I have using that Imaginsce paper line. I couldn't post it at first as it was going to someone who reads my blog. :)

It is Thursday, so tonight I'll be madly practicing piano to make up for what I should have been doing on a daily basis. Actually, it's been going quite well. I'm happy to announce that I now know how to play F+ (B flat) and G+ (F sharp) and just started in C position last week - not bad for a novice only playing for five months, lol.

I plan to be back Friday with another card.

Shanna :)

What I used:

papers: Imaginisce - All kinds of happy

stamps: Whipper Snapper, CTMH

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Season's Greetings

Here is one of the cards I put together when my sister and I snuck in a little crafting time last weekend. I took this photo a couple of years ago after Christmas, imagining it on a greeting card. Well, it took me awhile, but I finally managed to turn it into a card.

Though I did not make this card fit the challenge exactly at Sparkle's Christmas Card challenge, it is a holiday card and one more for the stash. I do think I'll print 10 or more of these photos and make some more. Quick and simple, yet elegant I think.

Hope you are having a great week. I am on the road for work, but only for one night - fingers crossed for good driving conditions.......

Have a good one,
Shanna :)

p.s. Update on date night last Tuesday - we had a fabulous time skiing (new gear, great weather) and managed to avoid any sort of shopping entirely! We are planning to take Chester and Pickle Pants this Sunday - it will be their first time hitting the slopes.....thanks Auntie Krista for taking care of the boys so that we could enjoy a night out!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

With Gratitude

Here are another couple of cards I made when playing around a few weeks back. The first I think I may use as a graduation/congratulations type card. A good one to have on hand - I have left the inside blank for now so that I can add whichever sentiment suits according to the occasion. The design is so simple it is almost ridiculous, but I love how it turned out. The next card is for another of my fab girlfriends - I guess I have been in a sappy mood. Like I said before, every once in awhile I like to let my girlfriends know how much I appreciate them! Girls, you rock and I'm so lucky!

I do love how these turned out - I may make a few more and add sentiments like Happy Birthday so I can have a few on hand.

My sis and I did manage to spend a little time in the craft room and I did get a few things done up. Hopefully I'll get time to get some posts ready to go for the rest of the week as I will be travelling for a couple of days. I am off this morning to take Chester to the paediatrician - at long last - we've been waiting and I've been calling - I guess my squeaky wheel finally is getting some oil - well, you gotta do what you gotta do eh?

Have a great day!

Shanna :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bunny Birthday

Here is another birthday card I made using those fab Imaginisce papers I was right into awhile back. The colors seemed to work perfectly with this adorable image. I had been wanting to color up one of these cuties for awhile now and finally got to it! I managed to use up some of the rub-ons that also came with this line to complete the inside.

p.s. Scroll down to my last post if you would like to see what my Sis and I were up to this week - lots of photos. :)

Have a great day!
Shanna :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wizard inspired......

At long last, here is the photo evidence to show what my Sis and I have been up to most of this week.....
I am quite embarassed to show the before shots, but I must as it truly shows what a transformation it was. We did not paint the room as shown in these first photos - this was how we found it when we moved in. In my defence - this room started as merely the guest room - Chester and Pickle Pants were technically sharing a room that was decorated "boy appropriate" a couple of years ago. They have bunk beds. However, once the queen-sized bed (hubby and I upgraded to a King, which we had wanted to do for years), Chester decided it would be great to sleep in that big, and very comfy bed. So, we made a compromise - he could sleep in the guest room unless we had overnight guests, when guests arrive, he moves in the bunk - hence, he didn't complain about the decor.
Here are the "before" shots in all their glory..........
And here is the new room, beginning with the new multi-purpose shelves - they hold important wizard supplies such as potions and books. The fabric drawers provide a place for socks and undies and you will notice that Hedwig is out of his cage at the time of this photo and perched on the top of the bookcase.

There is Hedwig's cage in the corner - a can of black spray paint transformed it from an off-white color. The candleabras we found at Value Village for about $2.00, the mirror from Winner's for about $20. Bedspread found by Nannie at a local crafter's co-op - exactly the color we needed - just like Harry's dorm room in the movie.
The hardest part was decided on the wall color - we went with "almond toast" - a browny color with a hint of yellow.
Chester's (or shall I say Harry's) nightstand - which used to be Grandma's telephone table. We added the initials HP to the diary and set Harry's glasses nearby for reading.

The candleabras had a great effect when lit! Well worth the $2.00. The funny part was that after looking all over creation for taper candles - very hard to find, especially in colors other than white - I found that I had some in my stash that were the exact color we needed!

We decided to hand Harry's quidditch broom up with his school robe near the closet. There is actually a small dresser in the closet to hold the rest of his clothes. The drawback to a queen bed in a child's room is that there isn't much floor space to spare!

This antique washstand that I found at a fleamarket last spring for $25.00 is doubling as a "desk" for now. I am going to get one made to fit where we want it. We were trying to think long term when doing this so that as Chester gets older and has more homework, he will have a quiet space to work. This is just "sitting in" so to speak to give the idea, so this corner does seem a little bare at the moment.

It was a great place to set up Harry's cauldron and potions though along with is Wizard Chess game. The Hogwart's acceptance letter, posters and Dumbledore's Army list are all from a fabulous book that Nannie and Papa got Chester for Christmas called "Film Wizardry". It has fabulous photos, stories, behind the scenes stuff as well as stickers, posters, and things like the actual program/ticket for the Yule Ball. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you want this book. It even included the Marauder's Map!!! Very cool choice Papa and Nannie!

Last but not least, one shelf was reserved for some potions a mortar and pestle as well as some treats - what wizard wouldn't need a jar full Cockroach clusters and another of Bertie' Bots every flavored beans handy ??? Bogey flavored anyone? How about earwax?
It has been a busy, but very fun week and Chester loves his room! We are very lucky to have a such a fun and energetic Auntie! Special thanks to Nannie who collected many of the memorabilia items in Chesters' room as well.
I'll be back soon with a card,
Shanna :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A quick post today - my amazing lil Sis is upstairs painting as we speak! She is the best sister/Auntie ever!

I just wanted to share with you a little bookmark I made for my fellow blogger and Twilight fan a few weeks ago in honour of her "29th" birthday! I think that those of you who are Twilight fans will appreciate this one! When we were exchanging addresses, said friend happened to comment that "Thunder Bay sounds very dark and brooding, there must be vampires there!" Tee hee - so, I just couldn't help myself. I headed for DAT's - our LSS - where there was one last copy of the book pictured here. It is the first book (about vampires) by a local author and part of it is set in Thunder Bay! You see how it fits - I just had to package this up and send it off to her! It was so much fun. I was thrilled when she emailed to say that it had arrived in only one week!

Update on the decorating - like I said, Auntie is upstairs painting - we emptied Chester's room last night, except the bed which we pushed to the middle and covered. My job is to sort thru all the junk - we already have four boxes for goodwill! Oh, and one of the cabinets that was in Chester's room was moved downstairs and, of course, we had to rearrange the rec room to make space, so this room was also cleaned and organized! Amazing! This is gonna be one organized house!

Gotta run chicas,

Shan :)

p.s. Thanks Kris, you are the BEST!

What I used:
stamps: Edward - The Greeting Farm, Sentiment - The Craft Lounge - For-bitten

papers: Creative Imaginations - Breathless
copics: C6, T8, R59, R39, face - C00, hair - E35, E37, E99

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is another super-simple Valentine I put together last weekend, again using the felt hearts. Sentiment stamp and a little bling and voila!

Well, my sis arrived and within an hour, hubby had enlisted her help in a project in our storage room! You see, I had been working to neatly "file" several bins and bags of things - many of which contained Christmas decor - into the storage room when hubby came along to have a look see - he decided that since I had half of the room pulled out into the rec room that he would FINALLY build me some shelves in there! Woo hoo! I did remind him that he would be working under a deadline since there were sevaral children coming to the Harry Potter party on Sunday afternoon, but hubby sometimes works better with a deadline - so off to Home Depot he went. So a little more than 24 hours after the idea came about, and some help from Danderella's hubby and my Sis, we have a beautifully organized storage room - I thought I'd never see the day!!! I so wish I had taken before and after shots!

Next up was the Harry Potter party Sunday afternoon - we had twelve kiddos here, some decked out in their Hogwart's robes, eager to watch "Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone". Everything went off without a hitch thanks to having Auntie around. (I promise to post a few photos of the decor later.)

So let's see - Auntie arrived at our place around 1 pm on Saturday - already she has helped us build shelves and organize our storage room and prep for and host our Harry Potter Party! Now we are heading to Home Depot for some paint - our next mission is to re-decorate Chester's bedroom! Good thing I have some cards ready to share - I think it will be a couple of days before we get to the scrappin' part of our week together!

If you celebrate Valentine's Day - have a great day! Hubby and I have decided to avoid going out on the actual day, but since Auntie is here and has offered to mind Chester and Pickle Pants one evening - we are going to go night skiing on Tuesday night - this may actually allow us to avoid Walmart and the grocery store altogether! lol

Have a great day!
Shanna :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last summer, at Mink Lake

Happy Saturday!

I have a bit of a story today - quite unrelated to my card, lol! Recently, I was visiting over at Fluffnstuff and had a fabulous giggle at Faye's predicament here- you see, she had misplaced some knickers, which can really be a problem if you insist upon wearing them as a set. (I do not do this, I never find matching ones that are comfy enough!) It reminded me of Danderella's post here from last summer. Now, if you wish to avoid reading about anything related to underpants, please scroll to bottom of post to view today's card...

So I was saying, last summer at Mink Lake, my parents, one of my brothers and his girlfriend and my sis and her hubby gathered for some fun times at the lake. We don't actually own this cottage, but have rented it almost every summer since I was about twelve. Anyhoo, we were all sitting around on the deck one afternoon being lazy when we somehow started discussing underwear and how there are so many different terms to refer to them. We made a list - I know - you're thinking, these people have WAY to much time on their hands. Nevermind, we made list of other things including other words for the loo and some other things that you may not wish to read, lol! Since Faye's post reminded me of this list we had compiled, I thought perhaps I would share it for you. We can all use a smile in the midst of the winter blahs.....

Here is...
Alternate words for "underwear":
  • panties
  • wunderwear
  • boxers
  • underoos - "roos" for short
  • drawers
  • dental floss
  • bikinis
  • granny panties
  • tighty whities
  • briefs
  • back-door bibs
  • g-string
  • thong
  • skiviies
  • gotch/gotchies
  • gitch
  • bloomers
  • fart-filters
  • butt floss
  • fruit of the loom
  • jockeys
  • long johners
  • long Freds
  • hanes
  • undergarments
  • unmentionables
  • knickers
  • smalls (thanks Faye!)
Now, by no means is this list exhaustive - and we would love your help in adding to it! Please let me know if we have missed any important terms! lol

Now, at long last is my CAS Valentine's card. I found these felt hearts at the dollar store - gasp - a long time ago, and was able to turn them into this cute card last weekend. It is super simple, but the fact that the hearts have texture and are 3D counteracts the "plainess" somehow.

Well, I'm off to do some cleaning - my lil Sis is on a plane on her way her as we speak to spend the week with us! We have a Harry Potter movie-viewing party planned for tomorrow (Chester and Pickle Pants are big fans and have been influencing their friends), so after the house is clean, we have lots of snacks to prepare - you know, Chocolate-covered frogs, Rock cakes and Butter Beer! I'll share photos in a few days. Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

Shanna :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tilda Birthday card - easel fold

Well, I'm back from my trip, and looking forward to catching up soon. It was quite enjoyable - we stayed in a great little B&B, got some work done and spent lots of time discussing food and books on the way home. This is one of those cards that I started eons ago - the easel base sat around with different plans, then I recently found this already colored Magnolia image and I decided to make them work together. I struggled a bit with the colors not being exact, but I think the flowers and Bo Bunny ribbon helped it all come together. I left the easel base blank so that I can personalize it later.

Shanna :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Skippyjon Jones - Lost in Spice

Hello my bloggy friends! I am in a bit of a funk - not feelin so hot and crabby about this freezing cold weather - I try not to complain this early in the season, but I am SO DONE WITH WINTER! I am so sick of wearing long johns - when I take them off I freeze...

anyhow, I thought I'd just get on and post this as I had it ready to go already. I am heading out of town for a quick work trip, thankfully only a one-nighter, but hope to be back to visit you all Thursday night. Enough complaining from me, I hope you will enjoy my wee book is a funny one and I know I could use a good laugh right about now, maybe it will warm me up!

This here is one of our recent faves by Judy Schachner. Skippyjon is a Siamese cat who likes to think he is a Chihuahua with a Spanish accent. Mama Junebug Jones comes up with the funniest random nicknames for her kittens - this is where Pickle Pants' on-line name came from. :) Here is a little exerp - it had us in a fit of giggles, I mean practically rolling on the floor laughing....

Back in the kitchen, the girls were being a big help to Mama Junebug Jones. "I love noodles," declared Jilly Boo.

"Noodles are silly," said Jezebel.

"That's because they're NOOD," said Ju-Ju Bee.

"They're not nude," said Jilly Boo, giggling. "Theyr'e naked!" And she tossed one up to the ceiling, where it stuck.

If you have children between the ages of 3 and about 9 and you haven't read them any of the Skippyjon Jones series, I highly recommend them.

The other titles are:

Skippyjon Jones

Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones

Skippyjon Jones in the Dog-House

Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble

Happy Reading! And here's hoping that wherever you are, you are warmer than me!!! I know, I know, it could always be worse, I'm just really cranky today.....

Shanna :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Because I love you.....

Happy Monday!

Well, I've decided to be positive about Monday, at least this week. :) I tell my boys that they get to be "the decider" - as in, when you get up in the morning, you decide if you are going to have a good day. If you feel a bit grumpy, sometimes you can just decide to be happy. We have this conversation quite a lot, especially with Pickle Pants (the younger) as he tends to get his "knickers in a twirl" about lots of things. Anyhoooo, as I type this it's Sunday night and I'm thinking I'll try to practice what I preach - Monday is going to be a good day! It's even better because I have a fun Valentine to share with you.

The best part of this is that I got to play with the new Making Memories "Je t'adore" papers I picked up a couple of weeks ago at DAT'S and I also pulled some fabric out of my stash to play with! And, and, I also got happy with my glimmer mist - three different colors! Can you hear my excitement! I love this stuff, but I'm still not so good at avoiding the splurbs as you will see on my project!
I must admit that this one took some playing around with and it doesn't look anything like what was originally in my head, but that's okay because it turned out better than what I had planned.
As you can see, I played with several stamp sets - some that had not yet seen ink - I am on a roll here girls!
I really had some fun with the inside of this one too.
My card is based on the sketch over at Get Sketchy this week and I would also like to enter in the following challenges:
Raise the Bar - Hearts
Crazy 4 Challenges - Valentines
I also wanted to share with you some big news.... my bloggy friend Steph is starting a new Challenge Blog! It's called For Your Inspiration - the first challenge will be on March 1st! She is even offering some candy if you are interested in spreading the word - check it out here. Steph is also recruiting a design team, so get over there and check it out, deadline is Feb. 15th.

Have a fantastic week!

Shanna :)

What I used:
papers: Making Memories - Je t'adore (available at DAT'S)
stamps: CTMH - Feb word puzzle (retired), My one & only, & SU - Notably Ornate & French Foliage
embellishments: fabric, misc ribbon (some from my Kraftin Kimmie day stash),Key is from brad assortment from Making memories to match this paper line, stitching, glimmer mist

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chloe is celebrating!

I am one lucky girl to have found time to enter another challenge this weekend! My stamps from Sparkle Creations arrived on Tuesday and I have been looking forward to inking them all week. Since this week's challenge is "it's a girl thing" - Celebrating Chloe was perfect!

Hard to tell, but I tried that "keep your nestie in the die and chalk technique" again, I find it helpful when I don't matte my main image (I almost always do).

I pulled some papers from Basic Grey "Archive" and matched my copics from there - not a color combo I use often, but it was fun to work with!
I am also going to enter this at Tuesday Throwdown as the challenge this week is to SEW on your project.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
Shanna :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Christmas Card Challenge

Happy Saturday!

I had been wanting to get a Christmas Card done for Sparkle's Christmas Card Challenge all week, but just never got to it as I got playing with some Valentines. At about 3 pm, I decided that's it, I'm going to get a card done and headed for the scrap room..... Here is the result. I didn't manage to include a transparency, but I did get another Christmas card done for the 2011 stash - that makes three, woohoo! I had stamped this adorable House Mouse image a couple of weeks ago, but was having trouble deciding what papers to use him with - you know, the image is so cute, didn't want to distract from the image too much....then I realized I was just trying too hard - rather than using patterned papers, I turned to solids from my scrap bin (every bit of CS on the card was from my bin!) which means I also managed to play along with the challenge at Wee Memories this week - use up some scraps!

I also used my new Basic Grey embossing template - one from the two-pack I rec'd for Christmas!
Best go get some laundry done - I always get behind in something if the creative juices are flowing! The best part is that hubby has plans tonight (UFC is on) so he won't be expecting me to hang with him once Chester and Pickle Pants are in bed - scrap space, here we come!
Hope you get some time in your craft space this weekend!
What I used:
stamp: House Mouse - first time I inked it!
embossing template: Basic Grey
cardstock: CTMH - ponderosa pine, cranberry
copics: R05, R08, YR23, Y26, E57, E55, E53, G28, C00

Friday, February 4, 2011


What would a girl do without her girlfriends? I shudder at the thought!

I am very lucky to have some fabulous friends who are always there for me when I get myself into a pickle or get my "knickers in a twirl." I truly have no idea what I would do without them!

(The ribbon matches better IRL, for some reason it came out really dark in the photo.)

I was playing around with a new stamp set a few days back and decided to send off a little note to one such friend just to say thanks for always being there. I am quite certain that my girlfriends know how much I appreciate them, but every once in awhile I like to write it down so I know that they know for sure. Go ahead, drop one of your girlfriends a line and let her know how much you appreciate her, you'll be glad you did!

To all my girlfriends - thanks for being you, for being there, for helping me out of all of lifes "pickles" and of course, for all the laughs and good times!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

Shanna :)

What I used:

stamps: CTMH
ink & paper: CTMH smokey purple

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

The challenge at Paper Sundaes this week (#54) is Valentine's! Perfect, as I need to make a few of those! I was digging around again in my stash of stamped images and pulled out this adorable Ketto from Stamping Bella. (Though this makes the card-making process faster in a way, it isn't helping me get at the sad pile of in-inked rubber - maybe next week I'll aim to use brand new stamps on each card I make....) Anyhow, I thought she would work perfectly with the papers I already had out as well as for he Valentine theme....

This card is also for Bellarific Fridays - where this week's theme is also Valentine's! I have a fabulous collection of Bella stamps that do not see nearly enough ink and many weeks I tell myself I'm going to play along but run out of time - well this week I was determined to make the deadline, so here is my card! :)

This card came together quickly using a design I have used many times before - I cannot give credit to whoever came up with the original sketch and I"m not sure how close it is to the original at this point as I cannot remember where it came from, however, I love using this type of desgin when I want to put a card together rather quickly and use a "plainish" pp for the base so that I can stamp directly on the paper.

Also, I wanted to share something for those of you who are into fun and funky handbags, especially if you like handmade stuff - my co-worker Nadine has some super fun stuff in her Etsy - The Sea Within. If you are into bags, you don't want to miss this! I just dropped over there to link up and noticed she has added a whole bunch of new stuff since my last visit - happy shopping!

Hope you are having a fabulous day, it's almost the weekend!
Shanna :)

What I used:
papers: Imaginisce
stamps: Bella, CTMH sentiment
embellishments: Basic Grey Bling, misc ribbon rec'd in my goodie bag at Kraftin Kimmie day! - I LOVE the texture and look of this fun ribbon, I am gonna be sad when I run out.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get your paws off that cupcake!!!

Happy Wednesday! Wednesdays have to be one of my favorite days since we now start the downward slide toward the weekend! And, I consider myself very lucky since so many people are digging themselves out of a blizzard today and we have been spared so far here in Northwestern Ontario. I should be careful what I say as I haven't bothered to check the forecast....

This is the card I made for one of my scrappy girlfriends. I don't get to see her often, but we always have a good laugh and fun times when we do manage to get together!

I used the great sketch over at Friday Sketchers for this one - I didn't manage to follow it exactly, but I think perhaps it's close enough. :) This image was so fun to color! Oh, and you can barely tell in the photo, but I tried something new - well new to me okay? - I left my image in the nestie after embossing and chalked around the edges with some pink chalk. I love the effect, why on earth haven't I done this before???

And here is the inside - I actually remembered to photograph it this time! I always finish the inside of my card, but often I'm too anxious to share it and photograph the front before the inside is finished. There were some great rub-ons with this fun line of papers and I was able to make use of a few on the inside of the card. Sorry, it seems crooked - it isn't IRL, it is just the way I shot the photo.
Have a great evening!
Shanna :)

What I used:

papers: Imaginisce - All kinds of Happy line

stamps: Whipper Snapper, SU sentiment

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holiday photos....

Hello everyone! I have been promising my family that I would share some of the photos I took over the holidays so here just took me some time to get them all organized and uploaded in the right order!

Mom had told me she was painting the week before we arrived, but I wasn't really sure what she was up to. She totally re-decorated the room downstairs for the boys - including two twin sized beds - no more air-matresses or sharing! They had their own tree and their very own fireplace!

Check out the vintage Santa - this one has been around since my very first Christmas - I just love this kind of stuff - NEVER get rid of this guy Mom! He is sitting in a really old dresser and you can see the reflection of the tree in the mirror.

My parents hosted an Open House on the 23rd so that family and friends could drop by to say hello. This was perfect since getting around to see everyone during our visits is impossible. We try our best, but there are just too many people to get to everyone. Here is Chester with my cousin's two kiddos - they see each other rarely, but play together so nicely when they do. It was so nice to see them - we are hoping that they will come visit us in Thunder Bay next summer!

Here are my little elves helping to wrap some gifties - mostly there were helping wrap up the goodies for our Christmas "pudding" - this is a fun tradition that I remember doing at my Nan's house as a little girl - it is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! After the meal, during the time between the meal and dessert, we pass the box around and each person gets to choose a little gift - no peeking! Each family who comes to dinner brings an assortment of fun little items, often useful things you may use in the kitchen or everyday things such as nail files, notepads and hand-santizer, toys for the children. Each person gets probably about three gifts each, then the trading begins....

Mom made these cute little snowman - one for each of us!

Here is the special box that we fill with the little "pudding" gifties - this box has looked the same since I was a little girl - in fact, it is in one of the photos of me as a four year old - Auntie recently covered in some plastic celophone to preserve the paper, none of us want it to change.

Mom had to set three tables to seat us all, this is one of them. Yes, there is a tree in the kitchen - and the dining room, the family room, each guest room and the bathrooms! Perhaps the only room without a tree was the laundry room! You are sure thorough Mom!
It's a funny thing, but I think my favorite part of the meal this year was the turnip! My boys are not big fans so I really only eat it at Christmas - am I weird to love turnip?

I love what Mom did with some old skates this year - she did a pair up for my sister too - I think I may have to try this next year - so simple, but so cute!

Farm country....this is the field across the way from where I grew up.

This is Millie - she is Kory and Shannon's horse. Isn't she beautiful? I just adore her monogramed bridle!

This is my Papa Graham and my baby brother, Kory with Millie. My brother built this sleigh from the bottom up and got it ready just in time for Christmas. Millie literally took us all for a ride in the "one horse open sleigh" on Christmas day. It doesn' t get much more country than this - I told you I was from the country!

Just a shot from the sleigh....the berries looked so pretty. This is the same old barn where my sister and hubby had their engagement photos taken, they were gorgeous. Until Christmas, I had no idea this barn was so close to my parents house - you could throw a basebal....when we are back in warmer weather, I plan to photograph my boys in the same setting.

Okay, this one is to prove that I finally tried snowboarding!!! Hubby and I had not skiied in about ten years, so it was a big enough feat to try that again. We were staying at a resort with a package deal that included lift tickets and rentals for either skiing or boarding. Once we decided that we remembered how to ski, I decided, that's it, I'm trying it - so glad I was smart enough to take a lesson! Boarding is very tricky, but so fun! I had a great instructor. Let me tell you though, I never even knew that some of those muscles existed - I was sore for DAYS!!! Notice the red face and absence of the jacket - what a workout! Yikes - but it was fun enough that I want to go again.....we shall see. Just thinking about those sore muscles hurts me! Oh well, I can say I tried it, one more thing off my bucket list! :)

This shot is to prove that we didn't laze around in our sweats the ENTIRE time we were away - we actually got semi-dressed up one evening and went out to dinner. The funny part is that the dinner we had that evening was the worst meal we had the entire time and we ended up having to go do laundry at the laundromat all dressed up. The next night, however, we had a fantastic meal at this little local place in Orangeville - I believe it was called the Bluebird Cafe - if you ever have occasion to go to Orangeville, I highly recommend that you eat there!

We took tons more photos of course, but we could be here all day and all night.....this is just a few mainly for those who were asking. I'll be back soon with a card.


Shanna :)