Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I come to you this morning from beautiful Kenora, ON - just one of the stops on my "circle trip" this week for work. Luckily, I had this layout - gasp, yes a layout, it has been forever - completed before leaving on Monday morning and now have a few minutes to get it posted - fingers crossed my internet signal will stay strong enough to get to the end of the post, lol!

Although we had a spring storm in Northwestern ON last weekend, our roads were clear and dry come Monday when we hit the road. On our first day out, we saw a fox, a moose and a bald eagle. It is always fun to see the wildlife as long as we see them in time! The moose was indeed standing right in the middle of the road and we had to honk the horn to get it moving, but all was good. Wonder what we will see next...

While rifling through papers for another project, I came across this fun Cosmo Cricket paper and it was the quote that inspired me. I pulled out some silly photos of Pickle Pants and went to work. At first, I thought it was going to come together super fast, but then I fussed with this,changed the paper, fussed with that, you know how it goes. It sat on my counter for about a week and I just stopped by once in awhile and rearranged things until it looked like this. Still not sure that I love it, but it was fun to play with - don't you just loved the polka-dotted alligator? :) I had to add a homemade spider since the whole point of the photo at the bottom was his request to photograph him with the "giant spider" that up until then he had been afraid of! Maybe thats because Chester had been hiding them in his bed!!!

The strange photo at bottom left is just one of his many contraptions he has built over the last few years - he lines things up, ties them together, etc. etc. Once he had wrapped yarn around and around the kitchen/hallway that makes a circle route on the main level of our house. I think he called it a "booby trap"! He had a hard time when I had to explain that I had to "cut it down" so we could move about the house. We do need to use the bathroom after all! He wants to "save it for crafts" when we are about to send something to the garbage or recycle and is always coming up with something new. Future engineer perhaps?

Best run and review some notes before breakfast, I have several children to see today. Hope to be back visiting over the Easter weekend!

Take care,

Shanna :)


  1. Cute page, love that spider!

  2. Very cute! Happy Easter!

    Lee-Ann :)

  3. Such a fun layout! The photos are too cute! Have a very Happy Easter! :)

  4. gorgeous layout and how fun to be spotting all that wildlife!
    Happy Crafting, Debxx

  5. What a great scrapbook page, Shanna! You did a great job capturing the fun of the moment! :)

  6. Wow this is gorgeous! I love the papers and the aligator and spider are perfect. Love the quote too, I wonder who said that? Such fun photos too!
    Sounds like you are having a fun trip. Yes our Easter Break is two weeks long, actually a bit more this year as we have a public holiday in honor of the Royal Wedding next Saturday. I think Royalty should get married more often if we are to get extra days off! The kids get six weeks off in the summer from mid July until the start of september and two weeks in December. Oh how to entertain the little darlings!
    Linds x

  7. What a fab and fun LO. That mahoosive spider looks great, nice touch. Now, have you been to Cupcake lately?! You really should...!;)


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