Sunday, January 30, 2011

"So Mom, what is the "A" word anyhow?"

These are the cards we made for our "olde" famer friend, Keith. He has a farm close to where my parents live in Southern Ontario.

The boys love checking out all his animals. He raises turkeys in addition to keeping several work horses, a pony, and a couple of donkeys - which brings me to my story..... I've been saving this one for awhile - had to collect the right photos to go with it........first off, here is the baby and mama - Jack & Jenny photos taken during our summer visit.....

At their age, Chester and Pickle Pants are more than a little interested in "naughty" words. The story went a little something like this:
The boys are sitting around the table one day late last spring - the boys waiting for lunch to be served - when Chester pipes up and asks "So Mom, what is the "A" word anyhow?" Urgh, quick, what do I say?....I have only a split second to decide - hubby is never around when these things happen - never mind, he may have made it worse! So, I decide "honesty" is the best policy and say "Well, the "A" word is actually one of the proper names for a donkey. The trouble is that most people use it incorrectly and inappropriately. It can be used to refer to a donkey, but only for this - it is not to be used to refer to a person!" Chester says - "Oh, so we can say ass if we see a donkey, like at Keither's farm." "Yes," I say, "that would be okay, but you are only to use it if, infact, there is a donkey in front of your eyes, and really it is better to just say donkey." (Thought process - we very rarely see donkeys, this should be okay) not so good..... I proceed to serve lunch.....this is what we were having........

Yeah, you know what happens next...."Hey look Mom, I see an ass, there's another one....tee hee, haw, haw"....on and on and on....mixed in with hysterical laughter from them and me of course, I couldn't help it! Yes indeed, Shrek's friend is a donkey....We went on to discuss, of course, that this was not to leave our kitchen!
So, back in July when Donna and I escaped across the border for a few days of shopping and scrappin, we had a long drive to chat - I shared this story with her then. The very next day while shopping at Target - look what she found me.....

I just had to bring it home for hubby! Later in the fall, when we got to shop at a LSS outside of London, ON, I find this fantastic donkey stamp that you now see Pickle Pants coloring in a psychadelic-like camo style....

So, Keither gets two cards this year since I forgot about the "donkey" stamp when I made his card a couple of weeks ago with Farmer Riley. Pickle Pants decided it would be perfect, of course, and went to work. Another great use for old stickers! :) In this instance, right or wrong, I allowed the use of the "A" word....

Hope you have a great Sunday! Stay tuned for news of the "hot date" night a la Wal-mart..........
or not.
Shanna :)


  1. ROFL!! What a funny story, Shanna! Two great cards, yours is adorable, and that camo a$$ is hilarious, quite the sentiment! LOL Hope you have a great date-night at Walmart lol...

  2. OMG I am giggling so hard! My son actually woke up and asked me what was so funny. I dare not tell him, he's 11 and would love to be using this word! There is a donkey just down the street from his grandpa's house which we drive by fairly often.

  3. Thank you!! Great laugh with my morning coffee!!

  4. Such a cute post today, from the cards to the photos!

  5. I love your card. Great knot in the twine. Pickle Pants' card is perfect as well. The multi-coloured donkey with that stupid grin really works.

    I am glad to see that you finally were able to do this post. I know it's been a long time coming. The donkey photos are adorable!

  6. Oh you made me chuckle! In fact I am LMAO!!! :)
    Oh, love all the cards too btw. xxx

  7. gorgeous card and so enjoyed your 'A' word story, so funny! hugs debx

  8. That is a great story. I was laughing so much that Kyle actually paused the All Star hockey game so that I could read it to him. We both had a great laugh over it!!

  9. such a cute card and good for a giggle :D

    now you'll see donkey's everywhere!

    thanks for the jello/fishies dessert suggestion, love it :D

  10. I've heard that story before and saw the card in person and I still laughed when I saw the donkey card here. Definitely a great post!


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