Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Spring!

Compared to the weather we've been having the last week or two, today was a cold, cloudy and blustery day. Since we didn't have much on the agenda, we decided to make it a PJ day!!! This means I was able to spend a little more time than usual in my scrap space!

I realized yesterday that I hadn't made a single Easter card and since there are so many spring themed challenges out there and Easter is right around the corner, I thought I would play a bit.

Here is the result...
I even managed to use of some small scraps on these cards!

I made these for the following challenges:
Less is More - take three 1) theme - spring 2) pastels 3) things that move (1st card) and polka dots (2nd card)
Raise the Bar - in the garden

And, if you are in need of a smile, here is a bit of story I have been meaning to share...

At the beginning of March Break, I told my boys that since they had been working hard on their school work and practicing piano will very little nagging from me, they had each earned a special day! I let them know that they would be allowed to plan the activities for all of us for the entire day, including meals. They were allowed to plan one meal out. They were thrilled with this idea and I immediately heard the several outlandish ideas such as "Can we buy a new house?" and "Can I buy ten new video games?" Ha, ha - there are some rules!

Anyhow, this is the plan that Doodlepants came up with - in his words/spelling:

1) go to Ron's Virtrol World (local arcade)

2) eat at Mic Donoled's

3) play video games for 10 hours

4) invite all frinds over

5) sleep for 1 second

6) wake up

okay, so the original list had these six items - he later added:

7) play more video games

8) go to the Thsrift store to buy video games and a TV sadle-lite (this boy loves anything electronic and is trying to figure out how everything works by taking old stuff apart!)

9) invente a video game

In reality, his day went something like this:

1) wake up and play video games

2) breakfast - pancakes

3) play more video games (Ron's hours didn't work with our schedule that day)

4) out for lunch - McDonald's

5) dinner - grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup

Chester also had a special day of his own - the highlights were bowling (both boys had friends come along) and dinner out at The Prospector which is a local steak house - yum!

Well, if you're still with me, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday as I have!

Shanna :)


  1. Great cards...your kids crack me up! Lee-Ann :)

  2. These are super cards... there are supposed to be three challenges for EACH card, but I'm sure there are other challenges in the list which would fit each of them!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  3. These are are so cute! I love the main paper you used too!

    What a wonderful day they each had, love the "Sleep for 1 second". LOL

  4. Adorable cards!!! Sounds lime a good day was had by all! Lol :)

  5. These are lovely, great designs
    Thank you very much
    "Less is More"

  6. Cute cards, and cute story to go along with them! Thanks for joining us at Little Red Wagon.


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