Friday, August 16, 2013

Home-made postcard FUN!

 Hello - long time no blog! That seems to be a trend... Well, this, that and the other has been happening, so what can I say? Finally getting around to posting these fun postcards ( I LOVE to send postcards, and receive them of course!) that Doodle pants and I made several weeks ago.

 I first saw the idea here on Angry Chicken - she has so many fun ideas! Basically, you lay down a few layers of packing tape sticky side up, lay your bits and bobs down (including the written part and address), cover up with packing tape, sticky side down, cut to size and add your stamp. 

My son sent one to his penpal in Banff, but I also sent one to my sister. This way I was able to check that it actually arrived in her postbox with no problems. It was a great way to play around with bits of this and that that was hanging around my craft table.

I am hoping to be back soon.

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