Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello Autumn

Ahh, fall! My most favourite season but also my very busiest at work. Lots of roadtrips to cover the region before the snow flies. Still, I try my very best to enjoy it.

Crisp mornings  (sometimes afternoons too) and blazing colour.

Winding trails and tracks to follow.

 Fall selfies and vests! I love vest weather!

 Sunflowers - how I love them! When the first heavy frost was forecast a couple weeks ago, I ran out and cut the tops off several of my sunflowers so I could enjoy them inside lest the frost get them. That huge blue vase is too big for so many flowers, but holds sunflowers perfectly! So happy I planted some under the eaves in front of my kitchen window. They look beautiful still as they are protected there.

 I am itching to get crafty, but find myself lacking in time and somedays, motivation. Soon...my supplies are calling me. I hope to be back with some crafty stuff, soon, maybe, hopefully...

Until then, enjoy all the season has to offer.
Shanna :)

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