Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kamview - SMASH

Since I don't have a post ready with a current project to share, I am going to share this Smash book page that I created quite some time ago.

 The photos are from family day 2014 - the day my boys and I spent our first day cross-country skiing together out at Kamview. It was one of those rare, gorgeous winter days - the snow was falling in huge, fluffy, flakes and it covered the trees, creating an absolute winter wonderland! We enjoyed giant cookies at the chalet after skiing about 7 kms exploring the trails. So glad I was able to capture these shots with my phone. It isn't always easy to get skiing photos, as carrying an actual camera is very cumbersome and my cell phone tends to freeze up when it gets cold (like most days this winter!).

I did lots of journalling on this page and enjoyed using some words stickers.

Have a great day!

Shanna :)


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