Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Are you missing some Spidey underpants???

So, besides the envelope, this isn't exactly an artsy post, but I simply had to share... My sister and nephew, who live in the same province but 17 hours drive away, visited us for about a week at the end of April/beginning of May. Once gone, I noticed they had left a few items of clothing. I folded them and set them aside to return next time we see one another.

I was on the phone with my sister a few days back when she asked about the clothes. Yes, they're here, of course I will bring them when I come. Then she asks, did Graham leave a pair of underpants - specifically his Spiderman underpants? He was looking for them the other day and I told him I would ask you. Sure enough, when I checked the pile, guess what I found?

An idea arrived at that moment - I said to my sister, they are tiny, I'll bet I can fit them in a large envelope and mail them to you! She says, "Oh you don't have to do that." Well, I know, but how fun would that be? lol

So the boys and I wrote him a postcard to include and decorated the envelope because I love to do that. I am going to pop them in the postbox today and see if they get there...

Much better than going to the postbox and finding only bills and flyers, in my opinion! lol
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What I used:
Tattered Angels - Vintage Seasons "Halloween Hauntings"
CTMH - Happy Mail


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