Monday, June 13, 2011

You're the Best Mom!

A real quick post for tonight - my yard and garden have been demanding too much time - or well, it has been reducing the amount of time I can spend blogging, that's for sure. Also, we've been having some rather nice weather this past couple of weeks - finally, so like I always say "get while the gettin's good!" Though I have quite a lot I could be sharing all things considered, I seem to be having a hard time sitting down long enough to be posting much.

So for tonight, I'll just share a card that I had already uploaded and edited. It is an alternate version of a card I made awhile back, so if you recognize it that's why. I do love the simplicity of the pinwheel and how it makes such excellent use of a variety of patterned papers all on one card - a fantastic way to use up scraps! I hope to use some fabric to make one sometime and stitch around the edges of the pinwheel as well - it may take some time at the machine, but I think it would be worth the effort in the end.

Oh and look at that, I even photographed the inside - this was definitely pre-garden weather!

I hope you've had a great start to your week. I promise to share photos of said garden soon - I was actually out there with camera in hand on the weekend to capture things as the begin to bloom. My first iris came out this morning and my lupins are just about ready.


Shanna :)

What I used:

papers: CTMH Key to my heart (retired)

ink: tulip

stamps: CTMH May Word Puzzle (retired)

embellishements: stitching, new CTMH buttons - love these!


  1. Really cute card, so bright and colorful!! Have fun in the garden, I can't wait to see the pictures.:)


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