Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Adventures in tubing.....

You may remember me mentioning tubing on the Civic Holiday I decided to share a few pics of Chester and I doing just that..... we managed to stay on and it really was a fun time!

I am thankful that I was on the double tube with Chester as I have a feeling the big boys wouldn't have been quite so "nice" if I'd been on the single tube alone!

I said that we managed to stay on the tube - hubby was not so lucky! He flipped off spectatularly twice - once flipping about three time and loosing his swimming trunks! I kid you not! I was on shore at the time, supervising Pickle pants as he swam (he wanted nothing to do with the tube, though he did go for a boat ride) so did not witness this spectacle up close, but apprently, it took him half an hour to retrieve them and get them back on!!!

So, a fun time was had by all until we headed home. After the boys stayed out on the lake fishing for too long (we requested they return by 7:30 to have dinner, but they showed up at 9:30 pm), we had dinner and headed out, but it was now 11:30 pm and very dark. After driving for a very short time, we came upon two vehicles pulled over in the distance, but before we even reached them came suddenly upon the moose they had just hit. Thank goodness we had slowed enough to stop before we hit it! Hubby checked things out and then pulled over on the other side and put on the four-ways, hoping to avoid others hitting the moose and causing more problems. With a little help from another person who had stopped, he pulled the moose off onto the shoulder. Thank goodness, because people just don't slow quickly enough to have avoided a mess!

We did arrive home safe and sound, but much later than anticpated and only after nearly hitting a dear, a fox and a skunk and having to navigate through pea-soup fog! I told hubby I would not do that again! Urgh, not a fun drive home! The only important thing though was that we did indeed arrive home safely.

Moral of the story - do not stay out on the lake so long that you have to drive home in the pitch dark towing the family along and risk hitting some large animal!!!
Sorry no project today, but I do have on scheduled to post tomorrow and Friday.
Shanna :)


  1. Oh this looks cool! I know what a tube is now! Looks fast, are you sure the boat guy wasn't a Cullen? He sure drives like one! Chester looks like he is having the time of his life!
    I don't know why you bothered going out for dinner with all thet free meat on the road. Fire up the barbie!
    Glad you are having fun but i'm missing your creations!
    Linds xx

  2. i love tubing, sooooo fun, but i do love the speed of driving the boat more LOL :D

  3. Glad you arrived home safely! What an adventure! The tubing sure looks like fun & I laughed out loud that your hubby lost his trunks, too funny :)


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