Friday, August 6, 2010

Travel Mugs

I've been meaning to share these for some time now. I really wanted to showcase some of my boy's artwork with this. Pickle Pants drew Super Mario Bros and Chester colored in the stamped images. Both of the boys love Super Mario - I found a t-shirt at Target for Pickle Pants while on my trip across the boarder - he loved it - "Just what I always wanted" was how it went. Score!

The one on the left was made several years ago, the one of the right more recently for Father's Day, but I figured I may as well photograph them both. I simpy kept forgetting to photograph them and whenever I thought about it, they were sitting dirty in the sink. (Yes indeed, there are dirty dishes in my sink - often!)

Truth be told, I actually use these a little more often than hubby, but neither of us are coffee drinkers so we don't do drive-thru on a regular basis. More often than not, you will find peppermint tea in mine - hubby, it will be strong green tea maybe mixed with a flavored tea bag like blueberry. He likes it strong - as in leave the bag in all day long, ick! I prefer my tea weak and a little sweet. How about you? Coffee or tea?

Enough rambling for now...but don't you think these make fantastic gifts? Especially if you have coffee drinkers on your list. One word of advice - do not do too many layers - they won't fit! I had to peel a layer off of my last one. Oh and in case you haven't seen these, I bought my most recent one at Starbuck's. The first was purchased at my LSS, but her wholesaler no longer carries them as far as I know. Am I right Donna?
Cheers to a fantastic weekend!
Shanna :)


  1. Definately tea for me! These are a great idea. What do you seal the photo with so you can wash them?
    Enjoy the weekend. Another wedding for me!
    Linds x

  2. Coffee for me. The only tea I drink is when I put a peppermint tea bag into my hot chocolate. Thanks Jen for introducing that to me!

    Basic Grey use to sell the travel mugs, but they have been discontinued for a long time. Starbucks is the only place that I know that sells them on a regular basis. You don't need to seal the photos, the container seals your masterpiece in enough to stand up to the water.

    No wonder you were behind in getting ready for your trip. You were setting up all these posts!

    Your boys did an awesome job on their contributions to the mugs.

  3. What a cute gift idea!

    (I hate coffee...and tea....but it's still a cute gift idea!)

  4. so cool! great gift idea! I will have to look around for mugs like these :)
    ..and it's definitely coffee for me - sweet and creamy ;)

  5. these are too cute, love the artwork in them :D

  6. Coffee all the way for me! The kids even know not to bug Mommy before she gets a cup! LOL Love the mugs, perfect gifts!


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