Monday, October 4, 2010

Naughty Nite with Stephanie

Hello everyone! You probably think I've disappeared entirely as I haven't been doing much blogging or visiting. Thanks so much to those who have been stopping by and commenting just the same. :) Yikes, things are busy these days and this past weekend was no exception - I won't get into the details lest I type all morning, but I do have a project to finally share. That's the trouble when life gets so busy - I have several things to share, but haven't found the time to get the posts together! Donna and I worked together on the project that follows - she created the tin and I created the card, in honour of Stephanie's Bachelorette party. Brace yourself, it's a little bawdy!!! And be sure to visit Donna's blog for more details. :)

And here is the inside of the card - Donna thought I should have spelled come the other way, but just couldn't bring myself to do it - she's been bugging me about it ever since!

Check out the pail that Donna made to match - it contains a few "naughty" items from one of those fun stores.... we kept it as tasteful as possible, but still fun!
Here is the set together...

A big thanks to Ellena for loaning us the stamp to use for the card and to Lee-Ann for loaning us the fun sentiments!
Stephanie and I at the party
And here are Donna and I at the party. In keeping with the theme/decor for the party (the invites had an animal print on them) Donna found these fun pyjama bottoms at Walmart and we decided it would be fun if we all wore them! Have you noticed that pyjamas are mentioned often in my posts!?!? Many of us would rather be in our pj's scrappin and stamping than just about anywhere else! The feather boas were the icing on the cake.

Hope you have a great Monday! On the road again for me - hoping to catch up with some of you on Friday. Check back with me on Thursday or Friday as I have some BLOG CANDY to share! I promise to tell you about our Kraftin Kimmie trip soon too!


Shanna :)

What I used:

I'm sorry that I can't remember the details of what I used here - it's early and I'm heading out of town, but I promise to get the name of the stamp company and share since I know at least a few of you are going to want to run out and find that lovely lady!


  1. Love the card and tin, looks like lots of fun!

  2. That is hilarious, Shanna! I'd have had the same issue with spelling, too! LOL... sometimes subtle is the way to go :p Looks like you must have had a great time! I like scrapping in PJ's too, now I want to have a slumber party!

  3. That card turned out the sentiment. The image is sooo creepy that it cracks me up!

  4. i love funny and I think I need that stamp..please rush back to tell all!!


  5. We do make a great team! This was a fun project and it was a fun evening as well!

  6. I'm laughing my arse off here!!!! What a fun card! Totally ME!!! LOVE it!

  7. hehehehe! I'm blushing! I'm only 29 you know (Ermhrm!) Please explain?! NO!!!! Only kidding! Fantastic card, I'm begining to think you lot in Canada are right saucy little minxes ;-) where on earth did you find such an image?! I kid you not, I once knew a little old lady who was into tassles (ok she was in her 20's at the time but I still nearly keeled over with shock when she produced the photos!)
    Hope yor week goes well Narna
    We'll catch up soon
    Take care, and if you can't be good......!
    Linds x

  8. what a hysterical card - too funny :D


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