Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last summer, at Mink Lake

Happy Saturday!

I have a bit of a story today - quite unrelated to my card, lol! Recently, I was visiting over at Fluffnstuff and had a fabulous giggle at Faye's predicament here- you see, she had misplaced some knickers, which can really be a problem if you insist upon wearing them as a set. (I do not do this, I never find matching ones that are comfy enough!) It reminded me of Danderella's post here from last summer. Now, if you wish to avoid reading about anything related to underpants, please scroll to bottom of post to view today's card...

So I was saying, last summer at Mink Lake, my parents, one of my brothers and his girlfriend and my sis and her hubby gathered for some fun times at the lake. We don't actually own this cottage, but have rented it almost every summer since I was about twelve. Anyhoo, we were all sitting around on the deck one afternoon being lazy when we somehow started discussing underwear and how there are so many different terms to refer to them. We made a list - I know - you're thinking, these people have WAY to much time on their hands. Nevermind, we made list of other things including other words for the loo and some other things that you may not wish to read, lol! Since Faye's post reminded me of this list we had compiled, I thought perhaps I would share it for you. We can all use a smile in the midst of the winter blahs.....

Here is...
Alternate words for "underwear":
  • panties
  • wunderwear
  • boxers
  • underoos - "roos" for short
  • drawers
  • dental floss
  • bikinis
  • granny panties
  • tighty whities
  • briefs
  • back-door bibs
  • g-string
  • thong
  • skiviies
  • gotch/gotchies
  • gitch
  • bloomers
  • fart-filters
  • butt floss
  • fruit of the loom
  • jockeys
  • long johners
  • long Freds
  • hanes
  • undergarments
  • unmentionables
  • knickers
  • smalls (thanks Faye!)
Now, by no means is this list exhaustive - and we would love your help in adding to it! Please let me know if we have missed any important terms! lol

Now, at long last is my CAS Valentine's card. I found these felt hearts at the dollar store - gasp - a long time ago, and was able to turn them into this cute card last weekend. It is super simple, but the fact that the hearts have texture and are 3D counteracts the "plainess" somehow.

Well, I'm off to do some cleaning - my lil Sis is on a plane on her way her as we speak to spend the week with us! We have a Harry Potter movie-viewing party planned for tomorrow (Chester and Pickle Pants are big fans and have been influencing their friends), so after the house is clean, we have lots of snacks to prepare - you know, Chocolate-covered frogs, Rock cakes and Butter Beer! I'll share photos in a few days. Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

Shanna :)


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment at mine and for the giggle here. Smalls, you forgot smalls. As for the card, love it. Love the texture from the hears, the sentiment image with is gorgeous with the little gem there. Have a fab time at your party. xxx

  2. Looks like a pretty comprehensive list to me! LOL

    Fantastic card, I love it! So clean & simple, those red hearts really pop!

  3. Wow, Finland...get out!! Great the hearts.

  4. Ha, ha your family sounds like my family! So much fun & good for a laugh. We used to say ginch or gonch for underwear (no idea why). Have fun with your sister this week, the HP viewing party sounds like fun!

  5. Fabulous card! Love the felt hearts.

    I do not with to comment on the other topic, since I am too much of a lady to discuss such things. Wink! Wink!

  6. Hi Shanna,

    Ok, that totally gave me my laugh for tonight! Another one to add to the list is budgie smugglers. Don't ask! :) Something my uncle used to call jockey shorts. He is from Australia, so it must be a down under thing. (Literally!!!)

    I love the contrast of the black and white with the red, the shape of the hearts and the font of Valentine. Hope you enjoy your day with your Valentine.

  7. Great card - I like simple! Been meaning to try something like this myself. I like the little sparkle above the i. Great list you got there too! I can just imagine the other 'lists'!

  8. LOL! nothing like starting the morning off with a giggle! Can't think of anything to add to you already comprehensive list...Love your Valentine x

  9. Clean and Simply- I LOVE it !!

  10. Those Hearts are fabulous and they look great with the rest of the card!


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