Monday, February 28, 2011

Runny Babbit - A Billy Sook by Shel Silverstein

I just have to share another of our current favorites - if you haven't read Shel Silverstein to your children - run to the library or bookstore and find one of his fabulous will not be sorry. The boys rec'd this one for Christmas and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Apparently he had been working at it for some twenty years and it was published after his death.

Here is a snippet from one of the boy's favorite poems in this book:

Runny's Rittle Leminders

Runny doesn't always do
The thoper pring at all.
Just see the motes his namma
Has pasted on his wall:

Fash your wace

Que Biet

Bake your med

Spon't dit

Fleep your swoor

Peed your fet

Ne Bice

Sange your chocks

Don't few your chingernails

No, you don't need more coffee! lol - it's supposed to be all jumbled - the boys just eat this up! I think it's so fun - really keeps them on their toes! Typing it out doesn't do it justice though since Silverstein also includes super fun drawings in his books. If your children don't have any of his books, I would highly recommend them.

I have several cards to share and even a layout, so I should have regular posts this week. Have a great day!

Shanna :)

Some of Shel's other books:
The Giving Tree
Where the Sidewalk Ends
A Light in the Attic
Falling Up

I actually remember these being read to me in elementary school, lol!


  1. It would take me a week to read that! LOL!!!

  2. At the end of a work day, the last thing I would want to do is read a book like this to my child. It would frustrate the h..e...double hockey sticks out of me (just in case chester is reading this).

    I will leave this one for you to read to my child, but I can definitely see how the children would get a kick out of these books. I just wouldn't have the patience and I will stick with Dr. Seuss. I do enjoy his rhyming tongue twisters.


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