Thursday, September 29, 2011

So very missed.....

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by.

A bit of a change in pace as I'm feeling a bit melancholy tonight. Feel free to skip this part if you are just here to see my layout and would rather skip the personal stuff......

I was away for a bit as my mother-in-law passed suddenly away two weeks ago Sunday. She was 54. We find comfort in thinking that she is at peace as she had been sick with a variety of ailments for many years. Hubby flew there right away and my boys and I took a road trip, two days down and two days back. They are amazing travelers! It helps of course, that they have traveled long distances in cars since they were newborns. Books on CD, Nintendo DSIs and portable DVD players loaned from Danderella also helped immensely! It didn't take much to talk my Dad into taking the drive back with us to provide me with some relief from the constant driving. I have the BEST Dad! Love you Dad! We were able to come home sooner and then flew Dad home on Monday. We somehow managed to make the road trip part of the trip a bit fun by stopping here and there at fun touristy spots or scenic spots beaches, etc. I have some photos to share from our road trip actually. I'll save those for another day though.

So, last week was a bit rough, very busy and a bit crazy! Last night, I received the news that a close family friend has been hospitalized - not surprising as he has been in and out many times over the last two years - this time; however, it sounds bad. They have found a tumour and he is not fit for surgery. Tonight I hear he is on a ventilator and is not allowed visitors. When I told my boys, Chester said "Mom! Not again!" So, my heart is heavy and I keep expecting the phone to ring. My boys, including hubby have gone away for the weekend and left me with quiet which is an amazing gift. I was planning to scrapbook tonight, but can't seem to get started and I think perhaps its just because I'm feeling anxious.

So, I decided to post about it and try to move on. Which brings me to my project since I'm in the mood to reflect and remember.....

Regular readers may remember me posting about a good friend I lost last November. I lost my zest for blogging around that time and it took me awhile to come back to it.

When I brought home these gorgeous MME papers recently and noticed that they would work perfectly with these photos that had been looking out at me from my ribbon shelf and begging to be scrapped, I was inspired to create this layout in her honour. Though I was saddened once again by the reality that she is gone, I found that creating the layout was also therapeutic. It reminded me about the things in life that are important - it's all about the people you surround yourself with. Relationships. Interactions. I always say that my aim in life is to live with no regrets. This means that I try my best to "seize the moment" when an opportunity presents itself to spend time with the people I love, even if it means letting the laundry lie, leaving the dishes unwashed or letting the weeds grow tall in the garden. This means lots of hugs and telling my loved ones that I love them often.

Several times this week I've heard my husband tell his friends "Don't forget to tell your Mom that you love her." And he's right, I love you Mom!

We shared lots of laughs and fun times with E. She was so brave and she made things so easy on us. It was almost possible to believe she wasn't sick because she had such a positive outlook and attitude. I love her for that. She is so very missed and her memory will be forever in my heart.

Thanks for listening!

I would like to share this at "If the shoe fits" where the theme is Bejeweled Blue for Fashionista Friday #91.

I would also like to share this over at Wee Memories where the challenge is to use patterned paper.

Shanna :)

What I used:

papers: MME Lost & Found Two
Prima Ledger Paper Pad 12x12
both papers available at DAT'S


  1. So sorry to hear about your mother in law, Shanna! She was so young :( And your friend too, at the same time :( It never rains, but pours, it seems like sometimes. Hang in there and give your boys lots of hugs! (((hugs))) from me

  2. Hi Shanna - what a lovely layout. I'm sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law and thanks for sharing your story. Thanks for joining us at Wee Memories this week

  3. I am so sorry for your loss! You have created such a perfect tribute to your MIL and I agree,it is very therapeutic and helps to know that the memory of her will be forever archived!
    hugs Debxx

  4. so sorry for your loss. thank you for sharing your amazing LO with us at the Shoe...what fantastic fun pictures, and a beautiful tribute to a lost friend!


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