Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Travel Journal cont'd

 This is so much fun!!! Here are the next few pages of my Smash travel journal. 

So fun to use stickers and stamps and have pages come together really quickly! After all, some of these pages are just prep for journalling or ready to have stuff like ticket stubs and photos stuck into them. Keeping it simple peeps - and lovin' the process! 

I got these pages plus one more two page spread done last night! There is something that needs to be added to it before I share it though.

Shanna :)


  1. oh fabulous, I love that you even added some of the pre trip preparation in there!

  2. Coming along beautifully. I love how you added the To Do List & Packing List. I can really tell that you are having a lot of fun with this.

  3. ok, from now on, i'm making MY travel journals even earlier, so i can include the packing, prep and to-do lists of the PRE-trip process, b/c those turn out to make AMAZING pages!!! i am ♥LOVING♥ this whole thing, shanna, this book is ALREADY a treasure, i cannot even imagine the WOW factor when it is finished with photos and details of the vacation etc etc. ♥AH♥MAY♥ZIIIIING♥!!!

    ps: thank you verrrrry much indeed for the "head's up", i soooooo wouldn't have wanted to miss this, it's awesome! please please, if you post the "after" pics and don't see a giant comment from me, PLEASE come "nudge" me b/c i am drowning in "house stuff" at the moment!!! thanks!!!!! :)

  4. ps: i almost didn't recognize those bottle cap stickers... they look FAB... who knew??!?! (ok, well, YOU, obviously!!!) :) :) :)


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