Thursday, February 28, 2013

We're back!

So, we are back from a Fantastic trip to the Canadian Rockies, more specifically Banff, Alberta. Oh how I love the mountains and can't wait to go back! Although I scheduled a few posts, I have not been visiting and look forward to catching up with you this weekend.

We started our journey very early on a Saturday morning and by late afternoon, we were riding up the gondola to get to Sunshine Mountain Village. Here are hubby and Chester...

Doodlepants did NOT like the gondola! The rest of us thought it was way cool! Awesome view!
Chester hitting the powdery Sunshine slopes!
Moi avec Chester

When you reach the top of "The Great Divide" lift, you are in a wide open space at the top of the mountain. It was snowing so much, that it was white-out conditions. The only way to make it down safely is to follow the coloured markers!
When riding the same chair, you actually "cross the boarder" into British Columbia and back again - two poles later, the sign reads "Welcome Back to Sunny Alberta!" lol

Here we are at the top of the Mt. Standish lift. Poor Doodlepants! The heights and speed of the lifts were too much for him and he had a lot of anxiety. He skiied only a bit on one day and we had to adjust our plans accordingly. We ended up trading off and either myself or hubby skiied with our daredevil Chester. Glad I got these pics when I did!

Doodlepants at Sunshine - I love these red snowpants, easy to keep track of him on the slopes!!! (and he wanted them, lol!)

Chester at Sunshine - oh this boy is a true skier! It was all we could do to get him off the hill long enough to get some food into him and he was off again - not an easy task to keep up with this boy!

The reason I was going to Banff in the first place was to attend a CNIB Professional Development conference. I went early, stayed late and brought the whole family. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring the boys to the mountains for their first time.This was the view we had!!! We were staying at the Banff Centre - fantastic service and facilities!

I will likely share another post or two of photos before I get back to the regularly scheduled program. We are busy unpacking, adjusting to the change in time zone (only two hours, but still, it's kicking our butts!), doing laundry and just plain getting back to reality!

Shanna :)


  1. Fabulous pics...looks like you had a great time!! Lee-Ann :)

  2. Wow! Looks like fun!! Welcome back.

  3. So Glad you had a great time!!! Glad you all made it back safely and in one piece as those mountains look crazy steep!!!

  4. looks like a fabulous trip! funny how some kids love it and some not to much, I am the not so much! our family are divided, some love it others can leave it!
    have a great weekend, Debxx

  5. Great photos! Glad to hear that you had a great time!


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