Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Spring & some thrifty finds.....

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

Today I have a super simple card to share. I have made a New Year's resolution to work on using some of my extensive stash of ribbon.....yep, I have a bit of a ribbon problem. I just really like it, ah, a lot....

Anyhow, this super simple card fits in with this week's challenge at Raise the Bar - "I'm just saying" - a challenge to use a sentiment only, no images.

I just had to share my thrift store finds with you today. I stopped by on my way home from work just in case I happened to find a pair of skis in great condition for Chester. Fat chance for the skis - however, I can never turn down the chance to walk thru the book section.... here is what I found:

The Neverending Story original price $9.99

Anne of Green Gables original price $4.99

Bridget Jones's Diary original price $12.95

The Hound of the Baskervilles - with beautiful linen cover original price about $20 I think

Lord John and the Pirvate Matter - hardcover! original price $ 35.95

Olivia - board book original price $ 11.99

Cook's Notes journal orignal price unknown, but a very cool book

Over $100.00 worth of books before taxes....

So I didn't head out empty-handed, but I'm just getting to the best part. When I got to the till, I said to the lady, "I'm not sure of the price of these." She starts making a little pile for FREE...I look at her confused and she says, "you can go pick another if you like, it's Buy one get one Free day." I decide not to go back as the babysitter is at home with the boys and I don't want to be late. She rings up my sale, and it comes to, wait for it.....$1.97. I paid under two bucks for this entire stack of books, many of which are actually on my "to read" list as opposed to just, oh, I found a good bargain and some of which are hard covers, all in excellent if not brand new conditon! Made my day, let me tell ya! What a way to end my workday on a Monday!

Here's hoping your day was as good as mine! Hmmm, maybe I"m onto something here - a weekly Monday trip to the thrift store might do me some good, and save me some money on books!

Shanna :)


  1. Now that is a very pretty way to use up ribbon from your stash. I must confess, I have, ummm, a sizable stash of my own!

  2. Beautiful card!

    And what a stack of loot from the thrift store! I love "Neverending Story". Frieda and I are reading that currently ^_^ Good job!

  3. Great card, love the simple ones. And YEAH you have a ribbon problem...and possibly...a fabric problem?

  4. Your CAS card is very pretty. made off with some great deals! All those books for less than $2!! Yay you!

  5. Hi Narna!
    LOVE your card, the ribbon and the flower are perfect and the rounded corners are a lovely detail too. The birthday card you sent me is still on the mantlepiece, my Mum was admiring it!
    I'm lloking forward to starting the book on the weekend as we are going back to my parents for a couple of days and I'm NOT taking any work with me. No. I'm going to have some down time. We are snowed under at the moment with Mothers Day orders but I musn't complain!

    Happy reading yourself! I love Brigitt Jones Diary. I can associate with any woman who wears big knickers! Oh and Never Ending Story.....I'm still scarred after the bit where his horse sinks.......whoops shouldn't spoil the story (you've probably seeen the film!)

    Linds x

  6. Love the card. I love how you layers the flowers and used a button in the middle instead of the brad....matches the ribbon perfectly.


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