Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wishes and wrapping paper a la Pickle Pants....

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This is a card I made for my girlfriend who found out recently that she is expecting. I decided to go with one of my Tim Holtz sentiments for this rather than focus on an image. I LOVE the font on this quote! Now that I look at this on my puter screen, I can't say as it photographed all that well, but too late now. This was a fun one to make, and for such a fun occasion. I reached for this paper from a lil stack of papers that was in my goodie bag from Kraftin Kimmie day and found some embellies and other colors that worked with it.

And here is the inside. Sorry about the spot - I still haven't decided to send my lens away to get cleaned or just buy a new lens - hubby is hopping to just buy a whole new camera - maybe I should just do it. Either way, I have to do something before summer vacation as we are heading to the East coast and I do NOT want to have to crop nasty spots out of those shots!!!

Oh, and last but not least, more artwork by Pickle Pants. We often use newsprint (the ends of rolls that you pick up for cheap at the newpaper office) to wrap gifts. I LOVE fun and brightly coloured giftwrap, but it drives me crazy that it cannot be recycled. So, when we run out of either boy or girl paper for parties, I don't rush out to buy more. We get creative instead. These gifts were going to a boy of Chester's age who is a big fan of Mario Bros. Well, Pickle Pants is also a big fan and decided that these characters would work well on the gifts. I think he called the big yellow mushroom guy "Big Man" but have no idea if this is made up or his actual name, lol. Video games are defiitely not my realm..... :)
Hope you are all having a fab week! I was thrilled yesterday to find out I was "featured" on the Little Red Wagon Challenge Blog for the house mouse card from my last post. How fun is that?!? It definitely made my day!
Shanna :)


  1. Ooooo. Like this card. Kyle says that Pickle Pants drawing is of the mushroom that when you eat him you become Big Mario. I imagine that is why Pickle pants calls him "Big Man".

  2. Great card...I'll bet she loved it! I especially like that there were no copics abused to make this card. hee hee

    Lee-Ann xo

  3. your card is beautiful and what a sweet reason to give a card! Love your wrapping paper, what could be better?
    Happy Crafting, Debxx

  4. I love your card, the sentiment is beautifully showcased, however I'm afraid you're overshadowed by the talented wrapping paper makers! They did a great job x


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