Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tulip Thanks

Super quick post for today. Here is another photo card using a photo I took at my little brother's place last spring. Him and my new sister-in-law moved into their new house during the winter and were treated with hundreds of spring flowers come spring! Beautiful perrenial gardens - I was green with envy - oh to have that many spring bulbs - the effect was amazing! I couldn't stop taking photos. I'm sure they thought I was a little out there - I even ended up with grass stains....
Anyhooo, hope you've having a good week, ours has been super busy so not much time for visting. Hope to catch up with you all soon!
Shanna :)


  1. love it and that flower is gorgeous! <3

  2. Love these cards. It is making me excited about taking some pictures of the flowers in the spring ... when it finally arrives. I love how simple they are but still so personal. Great Card!

  3. Really pretty...I just love your photo cards!

  4. Beautiful card! Gorgeous photo!


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