Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rokenbok is overtaking my Scrapbook Space!

At Christmastime, my parents introduced my two boys to Rokenbok - a very cool construction type toy with awesome remote control vehicles. They are interactive and several children can play at the same time if you have the right equipment. (Santa Claus brought a second vehicle so both boys could play at the same time!) Anyhow, my eldest son's birthday is this week and not only did he recieve a new piece to go with his set, him and his younger brother got so excited once we had it set up, that they decided to combine the money they had received at Christmas (thank you Auntie & Uncle Adam and Great Papa) with some they had already saved in their piggy banks, to buy yet another (read BIG) set of Rokenbok. Back to the local toy store we went and came home with this.....

Thankfully, Nanny & Papa were in town because between Papa and my eldest son, with me helping just a little here and there, it took five hours to assemble! I have to admit though, that it was really fun! The boys are having a blast with it. So, now the joke is that the boys will soon by calling my scrapbook room the Rokenbok room!

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