Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden photos

Good morning,
I promised to share some garden no particular order, here are some shots of my beloved perennial garden, mostly close-ups.....





Tulips & Basket of Gold

I believe this tree is an ornamental plum - I am much better at identifying perennials...

more tulips, basket of gold & seedum - I love seedum - great for fall colour

Oh, and here is Pickle Pants helping with the watering - this was before we were getting any rain and before we had the water barrels set up - we have three which really helps reduce the amount of water we are pumping out to keep all these plants happy. At some point, I will have to share the before and after shots of the landscaping - things have come a long way over the last two summers!

Lilacs - note to self - remember to prune these soon. Apparently, lilacs are meant to be gently pruned right after they bloom as they begin forming next years buds quickly.

I may be back later with a card, I have a few to share, but need to upload the photos and I am on the wrong computer.

We are almost at the weekend!

Shanna :)


  1. Wow!! what a great garden! It is just so hot here now that all my pretty flowers are all hung over the planters :( I love looking at your wonderful flowers.
    Have a great weekend~Stacy


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