Saturday, July 23, 2011

How many things can you make with rhubarb???

I have always loved rhubarb! As a child, I remember picking it and asking Mom for a bowl of sugar to dip it in - did we ever make some funny faces! lol Mom makes the best rhubarb pie! - I remember eating this a lot as a kid - Mom would make a big batch of them and often allowed us to eat it for breakfast! Ummm, ummm....

Today I am just sharing the gift we did up for our piano teacher back in June. Mom showed me how to do these fab rhubarb leaves last summer and then helped us make more this spring! They make a fabulous gift for anyone who has a garden. We used some as teacher gifts as well - the only drawback being that they are heavy for hauling to school in backpacks! lol

Since I learned to make rhubarb jam this year, I decided to pair them together. I had been keeping an eye on this great fabric at Fabricland and picked it up when Donna called to tell me it was on sale. I was then able to tie in the music theme without making the gift all about music.

Well, I do have a little rhubarb left over from the third batch of jam I made this week - I think I'll combine it with blueberries and make a crumble.....

Have a great Saturday!
Shanna :)


  1. That is so cool! I have seen birdbaths made with rhubarb leaves. They mound sand in a hill, shape the leaf over it, grease it and then put the concrete over that. I wanted to make one this summer but my DH decided to cut all the big leaves off our plants!

  2. how cute! I do love rhubarb crumble,what time will it be ready?
    have a great weekend, Debxx

  3. I luuuuuuuuurve rhubarb. Mmm mm mmmmmm! This is a fabby gift. xxx

  4. LOVE the garden's beautiful!

  5. The rhubarb leaf is a fabulous project Shanna and I love how you put musical fabric over your jam jar to make a gift for your piano teacher - must borrow that idea! Thanks for popping in to visit me. We are big readers in our house and I've read quite a lot of your thrift store pile! I also read all the CS Lewis Narnia series to my youngest son and he loved them.


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