Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweet wishes

Hello Friday, so glad you're here! 

Ok, so does anyone else out there avoid shopping for clothing until it cannot be avoided any longer? That would be ME...Hello my name is Shanna. I like to things that are comfortable, classic and affordable. I avoid trendy since I get more wear out of my clothes and I have to shop less frequently. I would much sooner shop for crafting supplies, books or even groceries lol!

So, my lil Sis helped me clean out my closet and we did a really good job! It was quite funny actually since my sister is a bit younger than me and has a better sense of style. There were a few instances of, well okay, a lot of "NO - please tell me you don't wear that!" Anything questionable went into the giveaway/donate pile. Ever since I've been a little anxious, especially since my spring/summer wardrobe is a bit sparse to begin with  especially in the "appropriate to wear to work" pile. So yesterday, I decided I HAD to go shopping whether I liked it or not. Winter is really hanging on here and so I am still okay wearing my cords, but that won't last forever. 

So this is how I found myself at the mall yesterday afternoon wandering hopelessly. I did wander into a couple of stores on my way down the mall but was scared away by SO MANY hideous prints and colours - since when did emerald green and peach become so popular?!?!

 Urgh, yuck! I wanted to run screaming, so I headed for David's Tea and did some tea shopping - that helped a little. Next, I headed to Homesense where I scored a couple of FAB 6x6 paper pads and a set of Spellbinders. Happy Sigh, that was more like it! Now how be I just head home....nope, gotta face the facts!

Feeling slightly braver and a little more relaxed, I headed back to the clothing stores. I managed to find a couple of basic t-shirts with just a bit of detail - washable, wearable and affordable, just how I like it. I left the mall rather depressed and in a last ditch effort, stopped at ROOTS on my way home. I usually find some good, comfy basics there. Even there, I didn't have a great deal of luck, but came home with a pair of shorts and some running capris as well as two deeply discounted t-shirts, but alas nothing I can wear to work!  Fast forward to today, I thought I'd try one more store - Reitmans, thinking this should be a good option for reasonably priced work wear (business casual). I had to scrounge to find anything I would even consider trying on and managed only one pair of capris.

So, the question is ladies - where do you shop? I am in my late 30's and as I mentioned, I am looking for comfortable and classic styles (business casual for work) that will last hopefully more than one season. I am too old for the "teen" stores and yet too young for the "old lady" stores, kwim? If you are Canadian and have any suggestions for me, please share!!! :)

So, about my card, I was dying to play with this punch that I recently acquired and finally got around to - my fave part is the "cherries" on top.

I would like to share this at Cute Card Thursday where the challenge is "something borrowed". I have borrowed a sketch I use as a "go to" when my mojo is lacking. Repetition can be very helpful when you are short on ideas!

Well, if you stuck with me this long, thanks for listening to my rant and thanks for stopping by!
Happy Friday!
Shanna :)

What I used:
punch - EK success (cupcake top and bottom)
stamp - Inkadinkado "Birthday Cupcake"
Q & co. Twinkle Goosebumps


  1. Super cute card!! I like Reitmanns and Mark's...I even get some stuff at the Superstore...hard to believe...but true. American Eagle and Old Navy. I hate clothes shopping too!

  2. This is the sweetest!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! : )

  3. I share your pain with shopping! I'm mid-40s and some of the current styles/colours just make me shudder! I used to be a fan of Reitman's as well but haven't bought much there lately. Mark's is great for casual clothes - I bought a bunch of activewear their last weekend. They also carry nice, plain button down shirts which can always be paired with capris/skorts for the summer. I've also had a lot of luck with Ricki's the last couple of years - at least for pants, skirts and sweaters for work. They have a great range of sizes as well.

  4. oh - and le Chateau. They often have nice dresses, pants, jackets that suitable for work. The benefits of working in an office tower attached to a mall -- all the stores I mentioned are in it so I tend to shop there....

  5. Oh Shanna, I hate clothes shopping too! My cousin is getting married in May and I had to go out and buy a dress....the horror! I'm a classic style gal too and not as skinny as I used to be and it's just downright painful to find something I like! I would rather shop for crafty things by a long shot!
    Oh by the way, love you card! LOL

  6. Cute card! I just love those cupcakes. Thanks for stopping by my blog and enjoy the Farmers Market x

  7. I am exactly the same as you, can't bear clothes shops! Get most of my basics from TJ Maxx that way I can also browse lots of other items and pick up the odd gift to put away for birthdays and Christmas at the same time. I do need to do a shop for our vacation though and I keep putting off! Will probably do GAP or Banana Republic.
    Your card is so gorgeous, thanks for playing along with us at Cute Card Thursday!
    Have a great weekend, Debxx

  8. Banner Bananaana, well you know I love a cake and I love some doodling, so I love this card. X

  9. Your card is quite lovely, those cupcakes are really cute and I love your colour choice. Thanks so much for playing along with us on Cute Card Thursday this week.

  10. Hey girl! I hate clothes shopping too...but I'm much better when shopping for someone else! We should plan a shopping evening together, and finish it off with dinner and drinks. I can help you out my friend...I promise.

    Love the card. Glad to see that you're getting crafty amongst the chaos.


  11. Love the cupcakes!
    I hear ya about shopping! It is very frustrating. In my small town, there is very limited choice for clothes shopping.

  12. Cute card. Love the bling on the cupcakes.


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