Monday, June 3, 2013

The Festival of Trees

 I've been smashing again , well a little - about the only crafty thing I have managed lately, and only one page at that, but it felt good. 

Chester asked me to take him to the Festival of Trees a few weeks ago. His class had to read several books in a certain category, then vote on which book they felt should win. Unfortunately, the class was not attending the festival, so I took him out of school to go. It was pretty cool! He was able to meet (and get photos with!) and get autographs from a couple of his fave authors. There were also a couple of mini workshops that were pretty cool. He was thrilled and I felt it was time well spent. 

The pic of him on the right is with author Kevin Sylvester who wrote the "Neil Flambe" series. I have not read this series, but I did read the winner's book "Making Bombs for Hitler" which was excellent (and a great way to work some important history lessons into fiction based on true stories.) Oh, and the journalling is by Chester himself. I have been encouraging the boys to add journalling to pages pertaining to them ever since the travel smashing began and whenever they will humour me, lol!

A very busy week ahead here so I may not be around blog land much. Any spare time should really be spent in the garden now that the weather has finally begun to warm up a bit...

Shanna :)

What I used:
CTMH: C1517 Scholastic workshop set, C1440 Take a Picture, C1368 Treetops
new washi tape, but I forget the manufacturer


  1. Awesome! I love that you are encouraging your boys to journal! What better memories to capture than their own thoughts and impressions?
    Have fun in the garden!!


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