Monday, August 10, 2015

An enlightening conversation

A quick Smash page I made quite sometime ago and forgot about. That's what I love about smashing - it can be so impromptu, little if any planning and bam you have a quote, a conversation or a memory in the book. There may be a photo or maybe not, but it's already in there. I may still add a photo to this page, not sure. If I do, I will look back thru photos from the timeframe when the conversation took place, print one and glue it in. Done.
Yikes, things have been busy enough that I haven't gotten around to posting things I've already made. Oh well, that's life. :)
Shanna :)


  1. What a great page Bananananana. I love SMASH but doing it scares me! xx

  2. What a great conversation to have recorded. I love how you did the title and stamped "awesome".


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