Monday, September 6, 2010

The Best and most beautiful things....

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I just have a couple of "bucket cards" to share today. The first one, I made at camp back in August - ha, can you believe it is September already?!?! As I've said before, I brought very little by way of supplies, but my sis had her DCWV Glitter stack and was willing to share, so voila! I love having cards like these on hand as they are a bit generic and can be used for a variety of purposes. Love the glitter on this one, and I think I actually managed to capture it with my camera, can't always manage it.

This second card was another of "Grandma" Joan's creations. I believe this was for her grandson's bday. I had only a handful of copics with me, but Mom and Grandma Joan were doing some painting and Mom happened to have watercolor pencils in her kit, just what we needed!
I was fun to see how much Grandma enjoyed herself playing with paper and ink!

Well, tomorrow means BACK TO SCHOOL! Hooray for routine - but not for lunches.... I'm packing sandwiches on hamburger buns (they think that is cool since it's a little out of the ordinary!), homemade mini banana muffins, yogurt (frozen - they also think this is cool, Pickle Pants calls it ice cream!), sliced cucumbers from the garden and watermelon chunks. I can be pretty creative, but they seem to get bored quickly, or is it me that gets bored!?! It is always nice once things at school get up and running because then pizza day happens once a week which means no sandwiches once a week!

Ciao for now,
Shanna :)


  1. Both cards are great! Love that Riley! No lunches for me today, that chore starts for me tomorrow! I know my boys love it when I use hot dog buns too, not the 'normal'! Have a great day!

  2. Love your card!!! Can't stand making lunches again.

  3. Great cards!
    Loving the lunchboxes....cucumber from the GARDEN!! Wow. Oh to have a pizza day.....!
    Good luck and i hope the routine kicks in again soon
    Linds x


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