Friday, December 3, 2010

Vintage Christmas Fleamarket finds

Check out the vintage Christmas stuff Pickle Pants and I found at a fundraiser sale. I'm lovin this vintage stuff. I think I'm going to frame the card - it wasn't even signed!

The music box in this cute little ornament still works and plays the sweetest little tune! It looks adorable in my antique cabinet.....

I do have a card to share and another layout too. It's a matter of editing photos and typing up my post.
I hosted our CNIB staff party this afternoon - I'm thrilled as now all my decorating is finished and I am ready (except for the food of course) for our annual Christamas Open House in two weeks time! I love having motivation to get rid of clutter and get the house looking good, especially at this time of year! My boys have a birthday party tomorrow then we have the Parade of Lights tomorrow evening and Homework Club on Sunday - somewhere in there, we will try to get more Christmas cards addressed and evelopes stuffed. I have our family letter written, but have to get it typed up and printed. Here's hoping you have a fantastic weekend!
Shanna :)

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  1. Love them :) The card is so should frame it! Have a great day!


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