Monday, November 29, 2010

Backseat Driver

Here is another layout that lived in my head for what seems like forever! I managed to get this one done at Yap N Scrap as well. For those of you who don't know, hubby is owns and operates a Driving School and has since the boys were tiny - so they cannot help but be backseat drivers - it's in their blood! lol
Sorry the photo seems so far away - as usual, I am not good at photographing my layouts.

The journalling is the best part of this one since it is something that I took a few minutes to write down way back when it happened - it is difficult to see, so I'll type the main bit here in case you are may also help you make sense of why on earth there is a dinosaur on the page!

On a roadtrip returning from Sudbury, Chester was pointing out all the road signs. He would yell "Watch out for moose!" So Pickle Pants starts shouting "Watch out for dinosaurs!" After Pickle Pants had said this about 3x, Chester pipes up and says, "Dad - you don't have to, they're all stinked." A little later, Pickle Pants decided to warn us to "Watch out for Nanny!" and laughed hysterically each time. Very funny boys we have!

There you have it. I am heading out on the road again - last work trip before the holidays - woo hoo! Please cross your fingers for good weather - the temp is hovering around zero which makes me nervous, sometimes we have better luck when it is like -20 - none of this rain and ice business! I shall catch up with you all when I return,
Shanna :)
What I used:
honestly can't remember all of it, but I believe the papers are from Crate Paper - something I've been hoarding for at least a couple of years. I am also very proud of the fact that I used a sticker on my page and I think it looks great - when those fabby stickers come out, I am so drawn to them, but rarely use them - pat pat for me!


  1. Love the layout! Can't imagine living with someone who owns a driving school, though!! I'd have to wear ear plugs!! HA HA HA!

  2. The layout looks great! Praying for good weather tomorrow for you...just remember, sometimes the highways are the best because they are well travelled. Thanks for working things out with Sandy.


  3. Fab layout and LOVE the quote! The things they come out with!
    Have a good trip, hope the weather is kind to you!
    Linds x


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