Friday, February 18, 2011

Wizard inspired......

At long last, here is the photo evidence to show what my Sis and I have been up to most of this week.....
I am quite embarassed to show the before shots, but I must as it truly shows what a transformation it was. We did not paint the room as shown in these first photos - this was how we found it when we moved in. In my defence - this room started as merely the guest room - Chester and Pickle Pants were technically sharing a room that was decorated "boy appropriate" a couple of years ago. They have bunk beds. However, once the queen-sized bed (hubby and I upgraded to a King, which we had wanted to do for years), Chester decided it would be great to sleep in that big, and very comfy bed. So, we made a compromise - he could sleep in the guest room unless we had overnight guests, when guests arrive, he moves in the bunk - hence, he didn't complain about the decor.
Here are the "before" shots in all their glory..........
And here is the new room, beginning with the new multi-purpose shelves - they hold important wizard supplies such as potions and books. The fabric drawers provide a place for socks and undies and you will notice that Hedwig is out of his cage at the time of this photo and perched on the top of the bookcase.

There is Hedwig's cage in the corner - a can of black spray paint transformed it from an off-white color. The candleabras we found at Value Village for about $2.00, the mirror from Winner's for about $20. Bedspread found by Nannie at a local crafter's co-op - exactly the color we needed - just like Harry's dorm room in the movie.
The hardest part was decided on the wall color - we went with "almond toast" - a browny color with a hint of yellow.
Chester's (or shall I say Harry's) nightstand - which used to be Grandma's telephone table. We added the initials HP to the diary and set Harry's glasses nearby for reading.

The candleabras had a great effect when lit! Well worth the $2.00. The funny part was that after looking all over creation for taper candles - very hard to find, especially in colors other than white - I found that I had some in my stash that were the exact color we needed!

We decided to hand Harry's quidditch broom up with his school robe near the closet. There is actually a small dresser in the closet to hold the rest of his clothes. The drawback to a queen bed in a child's room is that there isn't much floor space to spare!

This antique washstand that I found at a fleamarket last spring for $25.00 is doubling as a "desk" for now. I am going to get one made to fit where we want it. We were trying to think long term when doing this so that as Chester gets older and has more homework, he will have a quiet space to work. This is just "sitting in" so to speak to give the idea, so this corner does seem a little bare at the moment.

It was a great place to set up Harry's cauldron and potions though along with is Wizard Chess game. The Hogwart's acceptance letter, posters and Dumbledore's Army list are all from a fabulous book that Nannie and Papa got Chester for Christmas called "Film Wizardry". It has fabulous photos, stories, behind the scenes stuff as well as stickers, posters, and things like the actual program/ticket for the Yule Ball. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you want this book. It even included the Marauder's Map!!! Very cool choice Papa and Nannie!

Last but not least, one shelf was reserved for some potions a mortar and pestle as well as some treats - what wizard wouldn't need a jar full Cockroach clusters and another of Bertie' Bots every flavored beans handy ??? Bogey flavored anyone? How about earwax?
It has been a busy, but very fun week and Chester loves his room! We are very lucky to have a such a fun and energetic Auntie! Special thanks to Nannie who collected many of the memorabilia items in Chesters' room as well.
I'll be back soon with a card,
Shanna :)


  1. The room looks fabulous! It totally suits your son. You can't blame him for wanting to sleep in that bed, it is very comfortable.

    Good job to all who had a hand in it. I will hopefully be by sometime soon to see it in person.

  2. Beautiful! (I couldn't help noticing, too, that you have the Mother & Child print. Love that one!)

  3. Wow, what an amazing difference, it looks great! xxx

  4. OMG - this is soooooooooooo cool - chester must be sooooo happy - you are the best mom and auntie EVAH!!!!


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