Friday, March 4, 2011

Fearless at Five and Penpals anyone?

It's Friday - where did the rest of the week go??? Oh yes, must share what happened on Wednesday evening....hubby plays squash on Wednesday around 8:30 Wed evening, hubby calls to say he is on his way to the ER because he has turned his ankle. Okay - we agree that he will call me from the ER to let me know how it's going. He got lucky and the place was nearly empty - in and out in less than two hours. Thankfully, Danderella's hubby was willing to come and sit at the house while I rescued hubby from the hospital. The best part of this story - hubby calls to say I can come and pick me up and says, "Can you bring me some sweats?" Me - "Sure, but why.........?" Yep he went to the gym in his shorts and a hoodie and it must have been -25 celcius on Wednesday night - can you say dufis?? I'm thinking maybe he learned his lesson - or maybe not - ya know - sort of like when your Ma used to say "Don't forget to wear clean underwear!" Oh well, when all was said and done, hubby came home on crutches, but with nothing broken.

The layout I am sharing today is one I started eons ago, back in the summer, and finally finished last weekend. The random buttons are on there to avoid publishing photos of other people's children on my blog. This Bo Bunny paper was fun to work with and I was able to fit in quite a few photos of the party.

Chester is interested in having a penpal. If any of you know a child between the ages of about 7 and 10 who might be interested in correpsonding, please email me so we can discuss.

Well, Chester and I are heading to the ski hill in the morning for his first ski lesson - wish us luck!
Have a fab weekend,
Shanna :)


  1. Great layout! It's rare that you post one...I'd like to see more...

  2. Fabulous layout! I love the title, very suitable and very fun page.

  3. Fantastic layout, love how you managed to incorporate so many pics and great idea to use buttons to hide other kids faces, hope I remember that one! hugs Debx

  4. First up, I love the LO. Second the squash story made me snigger! Thirdly, hope the skiing was good with no further visits to ER, mind you, if George Clooney worked in mine, I think I'd deliberately walk into a bus...

  5. What a darling layout! Glad your hubby is okay.

  6. Fabby layout....hope your dufus hubby's ankle heals quickly. :)


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