Thursday, November 24, 2011

Halloween in review.....

Why does life go crazy when November hits??? I do believe it took me weeks to post Halloween pics last year too....

Life has simply been very busy - special visitors, two birthdays, a whirlwind trip to Sudbury and back for work, etc etc. I am back home again though and trying to catch my breath.

Thought I'd start by sharing a few pics from our Halloween. I was playing around with my camera a bit. Below is our graveyard...

And here are the yummy treats I made a packaged up for the parties at school. I made candied popcorn - yummy - the kind made with white corn syrup and jello! It was orange and green of course. These little brown bags were the perfect size for individual servings.

And here are Pickle Pants and Chester. For the record, Pickle pants has requested to officially change his on-line name to "Doodle Pants" because he is an artist.....once again the inspiration came from Skippy John Jones!
Gotta run but hope to be back soon,

Shan :)


  1. Cute Cute Shanna!! We love Skippy John Jones around here. C gets called pickle pants on occasion!! :)

  2. Your halloween decorations look wonderful! We pared way back this year, I even refused to carve a pumpkin! :p

    This time of year is always so crazy, why do Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas have to be so close together?? One month until Christmas, I'm toast!


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