Monday, July 30, 2012

The Boy, The Babysitter, The Bubblegum and the BLENDER...

A quick post to share a card I made awhile back but never posted. It was a quick one I made to add to the stash of cards I gifted to the boy's teachers at the end of the school year. Gotta say, those were some FAB stickers!

Onto the story - 
last week the boys had a young babysitter for half a day. She is a very nice young girl but is fairly new at babysitting. As you all know, my boys are a bit on the creative and adventurous side. I should mention that we LOVE to make smoothies in our house and usually, almost anything goes as far as what goes in. So, after giving the babysitter a ride home, I am in the kitchen prepping dinner when I notice a bit of something green on the kitchen counter - looked a bit like green cupcake icing only I knew that wasn't possible as there were NO cupcakes in the house - really, I would know if there was! (Side note - our large old-fashioned bubblegum machine is on the kitchen table - apparently the boys had been disassembling it to see how it worked.) Anywho, the conversation went a little bit like this:

Mom - "What is this green stuff on the counter? 
Chester - "Oh - umm, that must be from Doodlepants' gumball smoothie..." 
Mom - "Pardon me?" 
Chester - "Yeah, umm, we made a gumball smoothie, but Doodlepants decided he didn't really like it." 

Sure enough, when I look in the sink there is the base of my smoothie maker covered in gummy yuck from the gumball. I must give her credit, she tried to clean it. I can only hope that the gumball soaked in the liquid for awhile before being blended or the motor of my beloved smoothie machine will be seriously burnt!

That's it for today, it's only Monday and I am seriously burnt out already! Have a happy week!

Shanna :)


  1. Too funny...pretty card too! Lee-Ann :)

  2. For some reason, a gumball smoothie actually sounds good! LOL. Love the card.



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