Sunday, September 15, 2013

Camp Duncan

Both of my boys attended an sleep away camp this summer and LOVED it! We felt much more comfortable sending them knowing that a friend of ours plays a big part in the organizing and running of the camp. She also has two boys who attend camp and was out there the whole week keeping things running.

After attending "parent's night" it was apparent just how much work goes into organizing the camp! The kids and counsellors put on quite a performance - musical and dramatic. I had been thinking it would be nice to send her a thank you when I came across this pre-coloured Riley on my desk and the card just sort of turned into a little scene. This is not my usual style and I tend to shy away from scenes, but it seemed to suit the occasion in any case.

So is it frosty where you are? We had our first frost Thursday night, and I managed to get my cucumbers picked and my plethora of green tomatoes covered. Tonight I sat down to check email once the boys were settled in bed and noticed another frost warning! So, I picked a few more green tomatoes hoping I can figure out how to ripen them indoors and proceeded to cover most of the rest of them. We'll see what happens I guess...

Here's hoping you've had a fantastic weekend! We went for a great hike on Saturday. I then spent most of today in my kitchen - lots of cooking and baking to prep for the week. I am finding if I prep lots on Sunday, I can avoid actually preparing a whole meal on Monday and Tuesday if I am lucky! Baking also helps fill up those lunch bags for the first couple of days of the week at least.

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What I used:
CTMH C1173 Moose Lodge
Cornish Heritage Farms "Bear Hugs"

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