Saturday, September 28, 2013

Piano smashing

Just a quick post to share a SMASH page I made quite awhile ago but didn't get around to posting. Just a quick one to record Chester's first piano exam last June - pretty exciting. He will sit the next one in January! LOVE having music in my kitchen all the time!

I haven't made it into my scrap room since my big trip last week, but would love to make it there tonight, we shall see if it is in the cards or not...

It was a good trip if long and a bit boring since I didn't have anyone to share the driving this time around. I actually checked my mileage - I managed to travel over 1100 kms in four days and fit in all my apts. Glad to be home and sleeping in my own bed once again and eating in my own kitchen! Believe it or not, you do get sick of hotels and restaurants when you travel like I do - or at least I do! Lol!

We spent a chunk of the day registering the boys for Nancy Greene ski program, purchasing season passes, getting photos taken and getting the boys geared up for the upcoming ski season! Geez, going into a ski shop is almost as bad as going into a scrapbook store, only more expensive!. Everything is eye candy! You should see the FAB and funky Anon. goggles I bought myself. On sale of course - Mom gets nothing unless its on sale, lol!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Shanna :)

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