Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kamview on Family Day!

 After hubby and I went downhill skiing on our "date night" on Friday, then the boys and I skied on Saturday, we spent a fantastic day skiing out at Kamview yesterday! It was warm and very, very snowy! The weekend, it seems, was all about the white stuff!

 The scenery was breathtaking with all the snow covered in fluffy white stuff!

 This was our first official time out on our cross-country skis! We have been working on getting ourselves geared up for the last month or so and it was time to hit the trails. Hubby went ice fishing with some buddies, so we decided to head out to Kamview to try out the gear!

 It was so beautiful out there - can't wait to go back!

 Working hard...

 The boys enjoyed causing "avalanches" by hitting the trees with their ski poles and making all the snow come down on top of them, lol.

 When all was said and done, we had skied more than 6 kms. The boys said it best, "Mom, it's like hiking on skis with snow!" Indeed! - our only mistake was that we neglected to bring water and snacks out on the trail with us - some of the trails are quite long, especially for beginners. Next time, we know what we need to do.
A day well spent! Hope your weekend was fabulous!

Shanna :)

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