Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tea time anyone?

Winter adventures continued...

Here are my eldest and my Dad skiing at Sir Sam's in Haliburton, ON. The view was fabulous, not to mention the fabulous scenery on the drive up there - fluffy snow covering everything! We drove a couple of hours North in order to avoid icy conditions caused by theBig Ice Storm. Conditions were great! and it was worth the drive.

We enjoyed the "time tunnel" at Sir Sam's - an alternative way to get up the hill. It's a covered surface lift and apparently the first of it's kind in Canada. Great for those not so sure about the lift, beginners or those scared of heights. This was a perfect way for Doodlepants to get skiing some of the larger hills again. He has been weary of the lift since we visited Banff last February and it has taken him some time to decide it was okay to ride it again. This day, he didn't need to. The time tunnel gets you to the top of the bunny hill but you can hop on a second section and ride all the way to the top. It worked great except for the fact that I had a brand new wax job on my skis and kept sliding backwards!

Nanny & Papa both skied with us! Looking good!

At the top and ready to go - "Let's race Nanny!"

Graham loves to play in the snow!
Hockey fans! We were in Lindsay for the alumni Charity game - the old rivals - Weldon (our Highschool) vs. LCVI. My sis and I dug up the old jerseys and cheered on the home team since my little brother was playing (for our team) and Krista's hubby was coaching the competition -  too bad I didn't manage to get a photo of the two of us!. I think we might have embarrassed our boys with all our hooting and hollering! Here Chester is reading Graham a skiing magazine - my boys were never real big hockey fans I must admit - sorry family! Graham; however, is destined to make up for it - just check out that jersey! He already has two nets, various mini sticks and a set of goalie pads. I believe he has already been on skates as well - go Graham!

Once back in Northwestern Ontario, we took full advantage of a mild weekend with lots of skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing! The following photos were taken at Lac des Mille Lac.
Exploring the islands...

Unfortunately, we were skunked - well except for the first catch which was a head lamp someone must have dropped into the hole some time ago...

 My boys

 Yep, we are a colourful bunch!

And finally, here we are at Mt. Baldy. My youngest has decided it is ok to ride the lift again! Woo hoo!

Like I said, I have some crafty stuff to share but still have to figure out my new editing program first...

Hoping you had a fabulous family day weekend - for those who celebrated! Will have to come back soon and share photos of what we were up to! It was a fabulous day!

Shanna :)


  1. Shanna, you & your family make the snow look like so much fun! That little guy is adorable and your dad is pretty daggone handsome too, LOL!


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