Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Smash 2013 - Grandma's Glasses

A pretty funny story from Mink Lake last summer! Grandma Joan is a sort of a surrogate Grandma to my siblings (not actually related by blood) and I and ;therefore, a Great Grandmother for my boys. She often joins us at camp which is a load of fun because she is just an awesome person to hang out with and learn from. If my memory serves me correctly, she is 82 this year and is consistently the first person in the lake! (When I was a little girl she was invariably the first person in the pool every summer, even when the water was VERY cold!) Click on the photo to enlarge and read on if you need a good laugh...I asked Grandma herself to share her story in my SMASH book, love that she was game to write it and doodle on that crazy horse on the facing page!

Have a Happy Day!
Shanna :)


  1. How awesome to have her writing in your book. I love that. Too cute!

  2. That is awesome! And what a treasure to have it in her own handwriting!

  3. What a keepsake to have Grandma Joan's personal notes in your smash book. Love it!


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