Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dr. Who Birthday Party!!!

After making a TARDIS costume for my eldest for Halloween this year, we decided it would be fun to have a Dr. Who themed party for my youngest son's Birthday! So, that's just what we did.

First I made invites:

The pertinent info was in a pocket on the back of the TARDIS. I admit it, doing white print on black stumped me at first. All I could think of was Cricut, but there was no way I was cutting out letters that small and gluing them  all on! Then it came to me - bring out the heat gun and embossing powder and voila!

We turned the door heading down to our basement into a TARDIS, scribbled BAD WOLF on any available windows and mirrors with paint and put up balloons in shades of blue, grey and black. We planned to turn our front door into a Tardis as well, but the boys let me off the hook since it was VERY COLD leading up to the party. My boys wanted to serve fish sticks with custard for dipping. In the end, we decided it was safer to actually serve pizza as the main offering, since lots of kids might just turn their noses up at fish, and offer the fish sticks as a snack or appetizer. I am amazed to say that SIX of them decided it was tasty! Dr. Who, you have some serious influence!!!

Sorry for the terrible photos - I stink at editing and had to use flash because of the location of the Tardis and lack of natural lighting, oh well, you get the idea!

Loot bags were a bit tricky, but then the boys remembered the episodes with the bananas - we added actual bananas and gummy bananas, rings that looked like aliens and Fruit Cream Peak Freans (the kind with the red centres) to serve as "Tardis self-destruct cookies as well as twisty blue lolly pops.Wow, were the kids pumped about this party! 

And here is the Birthday Boy with two of his gifts! I was thrilled when I walked into the mall back in September and found this fabulous bathrobe in the window of HMV! He received the book from a friend a fellow Dr. Who fans whose parents are also fans. The kids were awfully excited about it!

I would like to share at:

Crazy 4 Challenges - ways to say hello
well, I think this qualifies since to a person who is not a Dr. Who fan, it appears to be a Public Telephone box - a great, if old-fashioned, way to say hello!


Heart 2 Heart - NO embellishments
well, I suppose I could have tried to embellish the Tardis (a Christmas wreath perhaps), but I tried to keep it as authentic as possible

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What I used:
stamps: CTMH W189 on the invite
font on the life-sized Tardis if from CTMH Cricut Artiste - a pretty close match I would say!


  1. Super cute invite and party ideas!!! I'll bet he had a blast!

  2. Cool invites and a great party idea! Thanks for joining us in our NO embellishments challenge at H2H!

  3. OMG!!!!!!!! ok, it's official, you have to come to nj next june and set up *MY* birthday party, fish custard and all!!!!!!!! so, so, soooooooooooooooo jealous of THE BOY but then anyone as cool as your kids deserve all the birthday awesomeness available in the great white north!!! love, love, love the idea and they way you carried it out; PRIZE-WINNINGLY fabulous invitations, too! ♥♥♥

  4. i THINK i already told you this, but just in case, i'll tell you again what jeff said when i mentioned that your son was getting a tardis bathrobe but they only came in one size... "well they only NEED one size, it's a tardis bathrobe, it's BIGGER on the inside"!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) (gosh i love that man!) :)

  5. The invites and the door turned out awesome! Love all the details.

  6. Great job, I love what you did here. Thanks for playing along with H2H challenges.

    Brandi R.
    H2H challenges DT member

  7. This is fantastic, Shanna. He must have been so proud that you took so much trouble to get the effect. And I recognise everything ! Bad wolf, fish fingers and custard ...either you're a fan too or he briefed you very well! I hope those guests have treasured those fabulous Tardis invitations.


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