Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Tardis and a Canada Post Box - Halloween 2014

 Not so long ago, I came across this post at Letter Writer's Alliance and thought, AWESOME - how cool would it be to dress up as a post box??? My youngest son agreed. He asked if we could make a costume. Since I was heading out on a three day work trip, we agreed that we would make the costume if time allowed. If not, he would use his fave costume, a red M&M.

A similar thing happened with my eldest son. Both boys are big Dr. Who fans, and so the idea came about to dress up as a TARDIS! Again, I thought, very cool if we can find the time!

Well, since I was travelling most of the week before Halloween, it was lucky for us that Nanny & Papa decided to make a visit just before the big day. They arrived on Wednesday evening (the 29th), just in time to help with decorating, pumpkin carving and costume making! I had gathered most of the materials I thought we needed, so we were pretty much ready to go when Nanny & Pops arrived!

Thankfully, my Mom lives for any kind of decorating and/or creative stuff, so we were in good hands. While I was at work on Thursday, she got the insides of the box costumes constructed and the outside covered in coloured bristol board. Once home, I got to work with the printing, tracing, cutting out and glueing. The fitting took some time, too. The arm holes and straps needed adjusting and treaking, but in the end it worked out.

Et Voila, Monsieur Canada Post Box et Monsieur Tardis!

 Here is a side view in our "graveyard."

Luckily, we had hoodie/jackets to match the costumes, sorta by fluke.
The Tardis even attended the grade 7 dance at school on Friday! Hmm, I guess he didn't get too close to any girls! lol

I had some last minute printer issues, so would have like to reprint some of the logos, but it worked the way it was.

Next year, I think it would be fun to make this a group costume - we could have a post card, a postal carrier and the post box!

 Here is a peek at the inside construction. Reinforced arm holes and upcycled/recyled straps (from the boys lunch bags - they never use the straps) to hold the costume up.

Make no mistake, the boys reported these a bit difficult to walk in, especially when doing stairs. The little guy last one block and returned home for plan B - his M & M costume - it was even red so he just had to switch the outer parts! The big dude managed to wear his Tardis the whole evening!

You may know that my hubby owns and operates a driving school - THIS is how he went to work on Friday! Here he is with his buddy.

A BIG THANKS goes out to Nanny and Pops for helping to make the boys awesome costume requests (and all the fun decor) become a reality!

See you soon!
Shanna :)


  1. ALLONS-Y!!!! as the 10th doctor would say! those are BY FAR the best halloween costumes of the year, you did a BRILLIANT job making them... and of course the models show those off to best advantage! (plus... you have a cool halloween GRAVE YARD in which to pose, that's hard to beat in terms of awesome holiday pics!) wow, wow, wow! you so rock EVERY crafting media! :) :) :)

  2. The costumes turned out great! The yard looks frightfully fun. Glad you were able to pull it all off.


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