Monday, May 11, 2015

The Giant! May 2015

Have you ever heard of the Sleeping Giant?
If you are interested in the legend behind this breathtaking landmark at the head of Lake Superior, click here.

Here are a few shots from when our visitors, my sister and nephew, were here earlier this month. Wow, how time flies, it has already been a week since they went home!

3 boys in a tree!

One brave climbing boy!

 Graham is the Sleeping Giant...
do you see the resemblance?

 "I have idea!"

One more shot of the Giant! Unless its foggy, I see the Giant every morning on the way to work - am I lucky or what? 

I am working in Kenora (6ish hours drive) this week, so won't be hanging around blogland much until the weekend. There was lots of snow on the way here, but the roads were good and pretty clear by the time we were driving. We did see some cars in the ditch though from earlier in the morning when it was slushy and slippery! Hmm, snow and slush, in Northwestern Ontario, that must mean May long weekend is around the corner, lol!

I plan to be back on Friday with a project for Friends with Flair. :)

Take care,
Shanna :)


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