Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A couple of cards

Good evening! I had a great deal of fun making another Tilda card on the weekend and am looking forward to posting it, but I have posted a few Tildas in a row and thought I should change it up a bit....

So for tonight we have a Sympathy card and a Riley. For awhile, I had no sympathy cards at all in my stash -everytime I needed one, I'd make an extra one or two, but then would end up needing them right away! After this happened two or three times, I started to feel like I might be jinxing somebody, so stopped making extras. However, a sympathy card is not so much something that should be sent "late" or too long "after the fact" (in my humble opinion), so the last time I needed one I decided to make another, but just didn't do it right away. Instead, I left
the "stuff" out and waited a few days until putting this one together and yeah, I haven't needed it yet - maybe I'm no longer a jinx! Okay, enough rambling. I'm sorry I don't know the source of this paper, but the stamp is my most favorite for Sympathy cards as I tend to stay away from saying simply "With Sympathy" - I like to be different. :) I purchased the stamp on a trip across the boarder a couple of years ago - it is from River City Rubber Works and is called "Eskimo Folklore". So glad I found it as it has seen lots of ink!
The Riley was a quickie I put together. I thought the sentiment "Driving By with a Birthday Hi" was perfect, but wished it was a little larger as my card felt off balance a bit. Oh well, can't love them all, eh? (Yes I am Canadian....)
I hope you are all having a great week! I can't believe how quickly the summer if flying by - mind you, where I am, we have had very little that has felt like summer weather, so it feels like we've hit fast forward and landed in fall - I would venture to say that the weather if very "Septemberish"! Not so fun when you live in a place where summer is way to short to begin with! Oh well, the weather does not need to be hot and sunny to stamp does it??? Thanks for dropping by and for all your comments, it makes it more fun!


  1. What pretty sympathy cards. I need more in my stash too.

  2. Very nice sympathy cards. And that Riley is so much nicer in real life. Gosh we need some sun with no wind!

  3. These are really cute...tfs!!!


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