Monday, July 27, 2009

I think I'm in love with a vampire!!!

Oh my goodness......I haven't posted since Friday and this is the reason why. I started reading Twilight last Thursday. By Saturday, I was finished the first book. (You have no idea how hard it was to put it down and make Friday's post for the Christmas in July party - no idea!!!) Sunday, Donna brought me her copy of New Moon when we met at the berry patch to pick strawberries with our children - ya guess who did not feel like berry picking! So, by the time I got home on Sunday it was mid-late afternoon, and keeping in mind I have two children, I am at least three quarters of the way through the second book!
I have been completely and totally sucked into Bella's world and Edward makes me swoon (the one in the book, not necessarily the one in the movie -the book is far better than the movie in my humble opinion)....especially how he plays piano for her...I could go on and on....I was so surprised, I had no idea I would be so enthralled....I went to work today feeling like a different person, completely distracted and had such a hard time focusing because I am dying to know what happens next! Please tell me I'm not the only one!
So, that's my story. I'm completely distracted and don't even feel like stamping or scrapbooking - now that is rare! So, I'll be back with a card or something soon, I long will it take me to get through the next two?!?
Off to bed, err to read, better brush my teeth first I guess....
p.s. Sorry Danielle! - I passed her the first book when I saw her last night - after speaking with her tonight, I guess I should have told her not to start it as soon as she got home, it was already getting late.......


  1. i loved the series too - i often get lost in books (if they are good enough). they get even better so keep on reading :)

  2. WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!! You are not alone... I couldn't put the books down once I started and now I've read them all about 5 times... btw your blog is AWESOME!!! :)

  3. Not to worry......I'm 38 and in love with a fictional vampire named Edward too!

  4. Well, I'm beating you. I couldn't wait, so I went and bought New Moon yesterday (Tuesday) at a bit before i picked up the kids, did the dinner/spend time with the family thing and then stayed up until 1:30 and finished the book in record time. I'm going today to buy the 3rd one. Don't talk me out of it...I'm going to go back and read them all again once I'm done...cause I read so fast, there are always little things that I miss.

    First you hook me on stamping, and now this! My husband will never let me speak to you again! LOL!

  5. This has to be one of my all time favorite series of books...I devoured all 4 in a matter of weeks!

  6. wow, thanks all. My husband will dress up like a vampire and suck all my blood out... that is romantic!

  7. Great, now my husband is pretending to be me and leaving comments............what will I do with him......



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