Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday from Edward

Now, if you are a follower of my blog, you probably kn0w that I recently discovered Twilight and became err, well a little Twilight obsessed. After reading the first in the Saga, I passed it on to Danielle who read the whole thing the first night! So, turns out it was a good read - and well, I think she might be a little more obsessed than me. (We're working on plans to get together and watch the movie soon since she just got it for her Bday!) How fun it has been though, to have this little (or you may say big - they are lengthy books after all) escape from reality - into a world where your man would do literally anything for you and you swoon at the mere thought of him. I love it when Bella talks about his velvet voice and his smouldering eyes, Meyer's descriptions allow me to picture everything so vividly, I feel like I'm right there. I am still astounded at how thoroughly I enjoyed these books! They are geared for Young Adults for goodness sakes - but nearly every woman I ask has read them all and loved every single minute of it. Many said, "Yeah my husband wondered what was wrong with me, I couldn't put it down." Or, "he begged me to stop reading and pay him some attention." I just cannot get enough, maybe I'll have to do like Danielle and read them all over again, it really was a wonderful escape. This time, I'm going to try reading to my hubby, I think it might help him appreciate why all the girls love Edward!
Okay, I know, on to the card. I better hurry - I told my hubby I was going to bed....
So, while I was away on holidays, my best friend Donna placed an order with The Greeting Farm without me - thank goodness she was willing to share Edward as I just had to make this card for Danielle whose Birthday was yesterday. I used paper from the new Bo Bunny Halloween line (credit to Donna here as she had the vision for this paper with Edward). Also thanks to Donna's prompting, I finally tried the technique for embossing brads as I wanted the square brads to match my sentiment. It is so quick and easy, I can't believe it took me this long to try it!
Edward is colored using my copics - I found his hair to be the biggest challenge, but I like how it came out. Bella describe's his hair as bronze, so that is what I was going for. For his hair, I used YR23 Yellow Ochre, E99 Baked Clay and E47 Sepia. His face is colored with my new BV0000 and outlined with a copic glitter pen that Donna loaned me to give his skin just a little shimmer - it is very subltle so you cannot see it in the photo. His pants are Grayish Violet BV25 and his Shirt is Black 100 and Viola BV01. I had so much fun coloring him that I decided to continue and make a book mark and this is the result. Well, Happy Birthday Danielle, it's been awhile since I had so much fun making a Birthday card!
Best hit the hay before hubby discovered me still up! Night, night,


  1. Oh this is wonderful, that is such a great image and I love the papers, they are perfect with the image.
    Have a great day

  2. I love the card and the bookmark. Your colouring job is fantastic! I had a great weekend scrapbooking with you and I can't wait until we can carve out some more time to do it again. Thank you for all your assistance & support this weekend.
    Love, Donna

  3. super cool card - edward is awesome, love that you made his skin shimmer :D

  4. These are so cute! I love your Edward.

  5. Awesome coloring job! Too cute! Blessings to you!

  6. Super cute!!! Love your Edward and the colors:)

  7. Your card is just awesome and I love these colors together. My daughter is a huge Twilight fan as well.

  8. Am I just the luckiest girl around? This great card, and bookmark are mine...all mine! My hubby really does think we're crazy. I finished up the final book again over the past weekend, and now I'm having trouble sleeping, since I was getting used to reading a few (read 100) pages every night. Either I have to get to a book store soon, or start them for a third time. I'm betting on starting again!

  9. Super job. You did a fantastic job with the coloring...and your friend is going to love the card and bookmark.

    My grand daughter loves Twilight...I should make her a few things.

  10. These cards are vamptastic! (Sorry couldn't resist!) Another Twilight fan here!

  11. great card shanna... edward is adorable...


  12. This is a nice card. The image is really cute. I just popped over to say hi from SCS Canadian bloggers thread. :-)

  13. Hi Shanna! I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you as a Kreativ Award recipient at my blog.

    rainpuddlesdesign dot blogspot dot com.

    Love your blog!

  14. oh i love twilight too! I have to ink up my edward stamp!! I am from SCS thought i would check out my fellow canadians!

  15. Awesome cards Shanna! I heart Twilight too :).
    And thanks for the great comment on MADE about your friend and the quilted notecards. That makes me so happy to hear! Honestly! I'm glad people are trying things that they normally wouldn't have.
    Okay, have a great weekend!


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