Friday, August 7, 2009

You must think I've disappeared....

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I have been enjoying a family vacation and didn't manage to get it together to organize posts beforehand. We've been all over the place - Marineland, Niagara Falls, Toronto Downtown, IKEA (woo hoo!), Rainforest Cafe and the boys have been able to spend a fair amount of time with their cousins and friends who they dont' see often, so it has been a great trip so far! Sorry for the lapse in posts... Although I did have some projects completed and photographed, I cannot access them from where I'm at and I've had limited access to internet. I promise to get some new posts up as soon as I'm back. I will be making the rounds and visiting when I return in a few days time. Until then, take care...

Oh, and I almost forgot - the new CTMH Fall/Winter catalogue is due to arrive today or Monday - you won't be disappointed, there are tons of new sets! I haven't been this excited about a catalogue in a long time....


p.s. I got through the rest of the Twililght Series and thoroughly enjoyed it! I really hope she does publish that fifth book....


  1. Woohoo for IKEA! :D Hope you're enjoying your time away!

  2. Did you go to IKEA and not tell me. Boo Hoo! Call me when you get a chance.


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