Saturday, June 26, 2010

An apple for you and ramblings....

Happy Saturday - day two of summer holidays at our house!
We got off to a bit of a rough start yesterday morning- when I stumbled out of bed to see what the boys were up to - they were allowed to get up and play Wii - I was greeted with "Mom - there is pee all over the floor!!!" Yeah - so, no time to wake up slowly. I am saying to my five-year-old, "what happened buddy?" He says "That happens all the time when I stand up to pee!" My response, much to my husband's chagrin- "Never stand up to pee again!" I proceeded to clean up the pee, thinking about how the house is such a mess and it's only the first day......

Fast forward a few hours - we had breakfast (brunch?) at around 10:30 or 11 am, so didn't eat lunch until about 2 pm. We were heading to a Border Cats game for six, so we decided to go to the library to sign up for The Big Boreal Adventure (really cool thing that just started here and encourages family to get outdoors together and explore - you have to solve simple clues and there are sections of the book where the kiddos can do crayon rubbings along the way, sort of like a passport). So, I say to the boys, go brush your teeth and then we'll get going. Big guy takes care of it pretty quickly, but 15 mins later, Pickle pants is still playing and doesn' t have his socks on either. So I say, get in there and Brush Those Teeth! His response - "I can't find my toothbrush!" Nope, not acceptable - I know there are two! Two minutes later, I ask if the teeth are brushed - "I can't brush my teeth - both the doors to the bathroom are locked!" Guess who locked the doors????? So, I could carry on about the rest of the day, but I would just bore you. We did have a fun time at the ball game though and got some photos, so I'll share those in a couple of days. The best part was the hecklers at the third base line.
About the card - I was inspired to make this card when my Ma found this fantastic stack of fabric for a major bargain at a yardsale last weekend while she was here. There were several pieces that had these cute panels featuring cows, houses, apples, etc. - very country. I had made one teacher card, but still needed at least one more. I was thinking, I could make a cute, but simple card, and I think that is how it turned out. Sorry the photos are so terrible, if I recall correctly, I had to photograph it late. I have also been very lazy about cropping my photos, sooner or later I will get around to doing that again. :)
Happy Saturday! Tomorrow I will be back with my card for Paper Sundaes next challenge.
Shanna :)


  1. i love the apple - very cute :D

  2. What a great idea for a teacher card, love the fabric!
    We still have a day and a bit before the kids are done here, but your house really does sound like our house! LOL

  3. Sounds like a crazy day at your house. Hopefully things are better today. Great card.

  4. love your fabric card! great idea! We have 2 more days of school next week, but we have the same chaos in the house!

  5. The card turned out great! Only 72 days until the children go back to school!

    Love, Donna

  6. Wow you have been busy since i was here last! Love all the cards but i ADORE this fabric apple! it is beautiful, what a great find that fabric was! I had to laugh at the pee incident, you see my five year old is also having this issue, i don't get it he was fine at peeing upright when he was four! I blame the kids tv program we have here called Fireman Sam which he loves, he wants to be a you see where i'm going with this?! The situation has got so bad now that we are having to take up the wodden floor in the downstairs bathroom as it wasn't sealed properly. Kids. Well boys actually! I can't wait to see Eclipse, you guys probably get it released much earlier than us (3rd July) i'm booked for the 9th i can't WAIT! I do draw the line at camping out though....might get bitten!
    Thanks for your lovely comments while i was ill, they mean the world! I'm off, would seem i've just re- written War and Peace! Sorry!
    Linds xx

  7. Hope the rest of the holidays go better! The first day is always an adjustment I feel! your card is gorgeous, very applique like! hugs Debx


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