Monday, August 30, 2010

Loon Photos from Mink Lake

I'd thought I'd share a few photos of the loons I managed to photograph while at Mink Lake. Last summer I forgot my zoom lens at home - can you believe it?!? and was disappointed that I didn't get some shots of the loons.
This year, I remembered......
Dad took my sister, Grandma Joan and I on a boat tour of the lake - never mind fishing, this is what I came home with!

I managed to get the two together....
As well as the adult and babe...

The young one is eating a fish that the adult brought it. We witnessed the entire process, it was pretty amazing!
This is the last week of summer around here - school officially starts up again on Tuesdy the 7th, so one more week until I have to start packing lunches again....yuck! I am always looking for creative ideas for bag lunches - if you have any jems, feel free to share! I'd love to hear what you pack for your kiddos....always nice to have a few tricks up the sleeve to keep it interesting!
Cheers to a great week!
Shanna :)


  1. Oh, gorgeous photos, the lake and loons look so beautiful! Enjoy your last week before school goes back, my kids head back tomorrow! First day back, they're taking homemade subs and fruit. My son wanted cheese, sausage and crackers, but I said not the first day, save the bad breath for the second day :)

  2. Gorgeous pics!!! I'm not looking forward to the lunches either...ARGH!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I too am not looking forward to making lunches for the kids!

  4. Wow you are a great photographer. These are beautiful pictures
    Linds x
    PS BD quite likes a pot of cold pasta in his lunch bag

  5. Wow amazing shots! You are very talented indeed.
    Sandra x

  6. amazing shots Shanna, absolutely amazing!



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