Saturday, May 19, 2012

A visit to the Giant that Sleeps

What a beautiful day! We hiked the Middlebrun Bay Trail at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. The trail is a little more than 4 kms, but we were treated with this fantastic view from the rocky beach when we arrived.

Middlebrun Bay
We stopped in at Silver Islet after our hike and brought home a fantastic lemon meringue pie after chatting with the local store owners. YUM!
  The store at Silver Islet

Middlebrun Bay, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Word of the day:

fen - low swampy land

The information we found about our hike told us that we would find a secluded beach as well as a fascinating wetland known as a fen. We weren't sure what a "fen" was, so had to look it up. The beach was definitely the most fascinating part and definitely made the hike worthwhile!


  1. It's so pretty there. We used to dock our boat at Silver islet if it was too rough to cross to Isle Royal. I think I've done everything you can do on Silver Islet. I think that you can't even stay on Isle Royal's too bad...another really neat place to would love it! Lee-Ann :)

  2. Great pics Shanna!! I so miss TBay!!! We got a little taste of it last week, one of the truck drivers at Lee's shop brought us some Persians!!!!


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